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Division of Leased Housing Programs

The Division of leased Housing Programs is lead by Tha Chhan, Division Director Programs. He oversees a staff of eight in this very busy office. The Division administers leased housing programs that are funded through the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Housing and Community Development.The following is a list of all programs offered:

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program Federal
Section 8 Project Based Program


Section 8 Homeownership Program


Lowell Rental Assistance Fund Program


Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program


Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program – Project Based


Department of Mental Health Rental Subsidy


There are a total of 1,246 Section 8 Vouchers, 43 Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program Vouchers, 50 Lowell Rental Assistance Fund Program Vouchers, and 22 Department of Mental Health rental subsidies. At the present time the waiting lists for these programs are closed. When the Waiting Lists are re-opened, applications will be accepted for a period of time and placement on the list will be based on preference and lottery designation. Notices will appear in local media announcing any such openings. Application forms will be posted on our website or may be obtained at our offices. During the time of a waiting list opening, reasonable accommodation requests will be granted to persons with disabilities.


Eligibility is based on specific program criteria and program regulations. For more information you may contact the Division of Leased Housing Programs Office.

Private landlords in the area play a major role in the success of our Leased Housing Programs. We are fortunate to lease quality units which offer an array of amenities in many locations within the city and in other locations outside of the city. If you are interested in participating in our program you may contact Tha Chhan at tchhan@lhma.org