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LHA Achieves High Performer status

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Contact: Gary K. Wallace, P.H.D.
Executive Director
Lowell Housing Authority
350 Moody Street
Lowell, Mass. 01854 Phone: 978-364-5314 gwallace@lhma.org
Press Release
Lowell Housing Authority Achieves “High Performer” Score on HUD PHAS Report. The Lowell Housing Authority (LHA) is pleased to announce the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has declared the LHA as a High Performer Public Housing Agency. HUD has notified the LHA it has been issued a Public Housing Assessment Score (PHAS) of 90 points for the most recent fiscal year ending 2014. The PHAS system is used by HUD to annually evaluate and measure the performance of the LHA on the major programs it administers. The public housing program is evaluated on the basis of four (4) areas including: physical, financial, management, and capital funds.
Dr. Gary K. Wallace, Executive Director, states “the scores are difficult to achieve given the age of our developments and the declining financial resources.” Wallace credits the team approach to the accomplishment, noting that the team consists of everyone from the residents, maintenance, management, and finance staff, to our Board of Commissioners. “There is a lot of strategic thinking and planning that goes into running the LHA and it is through this process that we can achieve this kind of success,” states Wallace.
The recognition as “High Performer” by HUD will continue to give the LHA flexibility and creativity in administering the agency as well as more grant opportunities and financial rewards for modernization funds.
October 2015

Rededication of Mulligan Park

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On Saturday, September 19th, the City of Lowell in conjunction with the Lowell Housing Authority rededicated Mulligan Park on Avenue A. The completely revamped area consists of a splash pad, and recreational facilities for all ages. It includes the City's first official wiffle ball park! All residents are welcome to enjoy this wonderful addition to the array of parks and recreational areas in the City. A special thanks goes to the City of Lowell Parks and Recreation Department for all the effort that went into making this a premier facility.


















New LHA publication debuts- Moody News

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The Lowell Housing Authority begins publication of it's monthly newsletter...introducing the Moody News!

"The goal of this newsletter is to keep you up to date on policy and procedure changes, capital improvement projects, resident and staff stories of interest as well as to provide seasonal life and safety tips and advice. The Moody News is born out of our desire to help ensure that you have current and valuable information in a transparent and consistent basis." - Executive Director/CEO Gary Wallace

Click on the link below to get your copy now!

If you don't already have the free Adobe Reader, you can get it here

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LHA Receives 2015 NAHRO and NERC/NAHRO Merit Awards

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LHA Receives 2015 NAHRO and NERC/NAHRO Merit Awards


The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Organization (NAHRO)

has announced the Lowell Housing Authority (LHA) is a recipient of a 2015 Merit Award in Housing and Community Development for its Public Housing Community Garden Initiative and a second award for its Healthy Homes/Asthma Intervention Program. Additionally, the LHA is being presented with a 2015 NERC/NAHRO Regional Award of Merit for its Healthy Homes/Asthma Intervention Program.


The Merit Award for the Community Garden Initiative is being presented for the unique approach the LHA, in cooperation with Mill City Grows, undertook to involve residents in educating, planning and planting an organic community garden which harvested a variety of healthy produce for the LHA residents.


The Merit Award and NERC/NAHRO award for the Healthy Homes program is recognizing the LHA, in conjunction with UMass Lowell, the Lowell Community Health Center, and the Coalition for a Better Acre, for providing asthma intervention in the LHA’s public housing units. The major goals of the program were to remediate homes for environmental triggers of asthma and improve the health outcomes of residents.


The NAHRO Awards will be presented at the July NAHRO Summer Conference in Austin, Texas. The NERC/NAHRO Regional Award will be presented at their Annual Conference in June in North Falmouth, Mass.