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Lowell Housing Authority 5th Annual PHA Plan for FY 2015

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Dear Stakeholder...

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Dear Stakeholder,

 In a major step forward, the HUD Boston office has just notified me that they have officially closed its files on five more of the recommendations made by the HUD Inspector General. This means we have developed and implemented new procedures that satisfied the HUD Inspector General’s Office. The five issues that have been addressed and closed are:

  1. Develop policies and procedures to adequately plan force account activities.
  2. Establish and implement policies and procedures to properly schedule force account activities.
  3. Establish procedures to ensure that adequate records for modernization are maintained.
  4. Strengthen monitoring controls over construction projects to ensure the quality and progress of modernization work.
  5. Develop and implement a change order policy in accordance with Federal procurement.

 I am enthusiastic that our Executive team and Board of Commissioners are successfully and methodically satisfying HUD’s concerns. We are on pace to have final resolution by July 31st 2014.I will also continue addressing the concerns of all LHA stakeholders and look forward to regaining your confidence.

On the behalf of the Board of Commissioners, LHA Audit Response Team (ART) and the entire LHA staff, I want to again publicly emphasize our commitment to maintaining safe, secure, dignified homes for all of our residents.  We will continue to monitor and improve efficiencies in our operations. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can address any concerns or in any other way be of assistance.

Yours Truly,

Gary Wallace

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Lowell Housing Authority Goes Smoke-Free May 1, 2014

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Lowell Housing Authority Goes Smoke-Free May 1, 2014


As of May 1, 2014, Lowell Housing Authority is adopting smoke-free policies to protect residents in their units from secondhand smoke. Because smoke drifts between units and cannot be contained, the only fail-proof solution to the problem of secondhand smoke is for buildings to go entirely smoke-free.


According to the Surgeon General, there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. By going smoke-free, residents of Lowell Housing Authority will be less likely to suffer from the effects of secondhand smoke, which include acute respiratory infections, ear problems, asthma, heart attacks, and certain cancers.


With its new rule, the Lowell Housing Authority joins the growing number of public and private multi-unit housing properties throughout Massachusetts with smoke-free policies, a positive trend that protects residents from the serious health effects of breathing secondhand smoke.


Under the Smoke-Free Policy, LHA residents who wish to smoke must do so outdoors and at least 15 feet away from LHA buildings.

2014 Annual Plan for Public Comment

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Draft 2014 Annual Plan for Public Comment. Please click attachment below.

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