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The Lowell Housing Authority welcomes three new staff members aboard this October, and one promotion: Two Assistant Housing Managers and one Maintenance employee, and the promotion of an LHA Housing Technician to Assistant Property Manager; all of whom come from varied backgrounds, and are part of LHA’s initiative towards diversity within its ranks.


Kimhorn Heng, formerly a Housing Case Manager with Lowell House Inc., was hired as one of the LHA’s new Assistant Housing Managers, and brings his many years of experience in case management and alternative housing to the LHA. Along with his work for Lowell House Inc, Mr. Heng is also bilingual in Khmer and English, helping to further the LHA’s goals of having bilingual staff to assist its diverse population, and has extensive experience in rental assistance and case work in the Greater Lowell area. Mr. Heng holds a BS in Business Administration from DeVrey University, and numerous certifications in first responder and emergency medical aid.


Michael Misiano, also hired as an Assistant Housing Manager, comes most recently from Wingate Property Management where he was a Leasing Assistant. Having previously worked in marketing and sales for technical services companies, his varied background will certainly be well appreciated at the LHA. Mr. Misiano holds a BS in Business Administration from State University of New York, and an AS in Computer Systems, also from SUNY.


Gerard Beausoleil, a Lowell native, is welcomed aboard the Maintenance Department at the LHA. Having worked for Gilfoy Distributing as a Warehouse Clerk previously, and then as a Laborer with the Laborer’s Union, Mr. Beausoliel’s experience will serve the LHA well. With an extensive knowledge of building maintenance and construction, he will make the LHA’s Maintenance Dept even strong. Along with this experience, he also holds a CDL license with Hazmat endorsements.


Janice Gomes, a longtime LHA employee, was recently promoted from Housing Technician to Assistant Property Manager. Along with her experience as a Housing Technician, Ms. Gomes has extensive experience in communications and marketing management for several firms. Ms. Gomes is an active volunteer in the community as well; from art collaborations including a VFW mural and UMass Lowell works, she has also volunteered with The Wish Project and other non-profits. Ms. Gomes holds a BA in Fine Art from UMass Lowell as well as several professional certifications in the technical industry.


This Veteran’s Day, the LHA would like to recognize distinguished veteran, and resident of Dewey Archambault Towers, John “Jay” Mulkern, for his military service, and life-long commitment to the needs of his fellow veterans. Mulkern entered into the U.S. Army and served during the Vietnam War in 1968-69.  As the sole surviving male in his family, he was exempt from service, but he persuaded his mother to sign a waiver allowing him to serve.  Enlisting as a combat medic, Mulkern chose the service not out of a desire for excitement, but out of a personal sense of duty to “save his brothers.”

Following the war, Mulkern received a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and a Master’s Degree in psychology from Baylor University. He used his education and experience to work with the Veterans Administration as a mental health counselor in the 1980’s helping veterans cope with PTSD and other mental health issues. Throughout his career, he was recognized for his ability to use multiple strategies and de-escalation techniques to maintain positive relationships with his clients.

John "Jay" Mulkern proudly holds his

2016 Outstanding Service Award in the

lobby of his home at Dewey Archambault Towers

Mulkern campaigned on behalf of President Obama in 2012, and helped him secure votes in critical swing states. In 2013, Mulkern was invited, and attended the inauguration of President Barack Obama, and was recognized in 2015 by the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration as a distinguished veteran of the year. In addition to presidential invitations, Mulkern’s name also appears on the Wall of Tolerance in Alabama for his commitment to end hatred and intolerance in America.

Mulkern has not slowed down. In October 2016, he received the Outstanding Service Award for his ongoing service to the veteran community, which was presented to him by the Helping Hand Veterans Fund. Mulkern is also working on his first book, entitled Absence of Light:  One Man’s Journey from Darkness to Redemption. The book highlights his personal journey with, and recovery from, alcohol and drug abuse.  He hopes that the book will provide strength, inspiration, and hope to veterans struggling with addiction.









October 9th was the start of National Fire Prevention week, and the students at LHA’s Learning Zone after-school program were greeted by members of the community eager to share their knowledge of fire safety. The HAI Group, a public housing insurer, in partnership with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the Lowell Fire Department sponsor the program annually.  This year’s program was designed to bring greater awareness to the many misconceptions about smoke alarms, and the importance of insuring that the alarms are installed and properly maintained. Young residents are encouraged to continue the conversation with their families at home.  

To showcase their knowledge and artistic creativity, students completed posters to be submitted for the program’s Fire Safety Poster Contest centered around the theme “Don’t Wait-Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every Ten Years,” one of the many tips students learned during the week.

Congratulations to the young artists who participated in the week-long training and submitted posters.  Good luck!


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