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Procurement Opportunities
Lowell Housing Authority is currently seeking responses to those items listed below.Simply click on the item you wish to respond to and follow the prompts.
In addition, the Lowell Housing Authority Procurement Department is consistently looking to improve operational and financial efficiencies through the sourcing of goods and services. If you would like an opportunity to partner with us, please click HERE .

Name of Business Opportunity Description Date Due
RFQ 2017-1 Feasibility Design Services Standpipe

Projectdog #817150

15 March 2017
QSP Trash Compactor 2017

Email: quotes@lhma.org

08 March 2017
IFB 2017-5 ACM for Storm Door Replacement

Projectdog #817385

01 March 2017
IFB 2017-4A Storm Door Replacements

Projectdog #817634

08 March 2017