Finance and Procurement

Under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer, the Finance and Procurement Department coordinates the activities of Cash Management, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Budgeting, Expense Analysis, Contract Administration and Public Procurements to ensure compliance with overall Authority financial objectives. The Finance and Procurement Department is responsible for the development of financial policies for the Authority, improving efficiency of operations, providing analysis and discussion of the financial implications of policy formulation and maintaining external relationships relating to financial matters of the Authority. It is the Finance and Procurement Department’s responsibility to promote and ensure the financial health and well-being of the Authority.

Cash Management

Primary responsibilities within the Cash Management department include accounts receivables from residents, accounts payables to all vendors and residents, payroll processing, investment management, long and short-term borrowing requirements and risk management.

Financial Accounting

The Accounting Department is responsible for the classification of all financial activity to compile accurate financial statements and reports for submission to oversight authorities and stakeholders.

Budgeting & Expense Analysis

This department works closely with all departments throughout the Authority in the preparation of annual budgets and management plans. This includes providing current and historical data and analysis of all major revenue and expense categories.

In addition, this department works with operations and senior management in reviewing current and future costs and funding availability to assist with strategic planning.

Public Procurement

The Procurement department, led by the LHA Procurement Compliance Officer, is responsible for all purchasing, warehousing and inventory activities of the Authority. The Procurement Compliance Officer works closely with the CFO to ensure compliance with all Federal and State procurement laws and to ensure products and services are purchased and delivered in an efficient and effective manner. The warehouse and inventory responsibilities include order fulfillment of internal inventory requests, efficient management of inventory levels and financial transfers and withdrawals to respective departments throughout the Authority.

Contract Administration

The Finance department takes the lead in contract negotiations with prospective vendors and contractors to ensure favorable terms, clear and concise responsibilities and compliance with applicable Federal and State laws and regulations.

 Operating Budgets

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