Kiss Quick joined the agency in 2016 as the Learning Zone Assistant Manager while attending High School. She continued working at the agency as she pursued her Bachelor’s degree at UMass Lowell in 2019.  Kiss gain further experience as the Community Service and Resettlement Intern at the International Institute of New England Lowell and was also promoted to the JobsPLUS Community Outreach Specialist at LHA in 2021. She graduated from UMass Lowell in 2022 with her bachelor’s in public health. Kiss was recently appointed to the position of State Self-Sufficiency Program Coordinator in 2023 and is fluent in English, Karen, and Burmese.

Name: Kiss Quick

Division: JobsPlus Program

Designation: Outreach Specialist/SSP Director

Phone: 978-996-2678

Email: [email protected]

Kelsey is a practicing Licensed Social Worker (LSW) and holds a Bachelor of Social Work. Kelsey is new to housing, but has front-line experience advocating for and providing case management to children, families, and young adults.

Name: Kelsey Tauer

Division: Resident Services

Designation: Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator

Phone: 978-364-5368

Email: [email protected]

Donna comes to the agency with diverse experience in private and nonprofit full life cycle recruiting, benefits coordination, payroll and compliance. She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and ADP Certified Human Resources Specialist.

Name: Donna Toohey

Division: Executive Department

Designation: Human Resource Generalist

Phone: 978-364-5332

Email: [email protected]

Katie came to the agency with extensive experience in brand and project management for globally recognized brands. She possesses a master’s degree in Merchandising & Retail Management from LIM College and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Michigan State University.


Name: Katie Sadlier

Designation: Director, JobsPLUS Program

Phone: 978-364-5367

Fax: 866-541-2745

Email: [email protected]

Name: Alina Sokun

Division: Executive Department

Designation: Data Analyst

Phone: 978-364-5338

Fax: 978-453-6432

Email: [email protected]

Rita Brousseau joined Lowell Housing Authority in 2019 serving as the Chief Procurement Officer with over 25 years of experience in municipal accounting and procurement and considerable knowledge of Massachusetts laws pertaining to municipal procurement. She holds an A.B.S., in Business Science and Management from Castle College, and is MCPPO Certified.

Name: Rita Brousseau

Division: Procurement

Designation: Chief Procurement Officer

Phone: 978-364-5341

Fax: 888-364-8835

Email: [email protected]

Dr. Gary K. Wallace is the CEO/Executive Director of the Lowell Housing Authority. Dr. Wallace began his career at the Lowell Housing Authority as a property manager in 1987 and has held various positions of increased responsibility, culminating with his appointment as CEO/Executive Director in 2002.

Dr. Wallace oversees an annual operating budget of over $12M, a capital fund of $3M and a $10M Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program which serves thousands of low to moderate-income elderly individuals families, and individuals with special needs.

A proven dynamic leader, Dr. Wallace possesses extensive operations and project management skills in a governmental environment. Dr. Wallace has consistently demonstrated the ability to optimize human/material and financial resources, has a strong strategic planning, analytical, communication and problem-resolution skills. He is able to elicit cooperation from diverse groups to accomplish common objectives. His work at the agency has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for integrity and commitment to affordable housing, dignity and self-sufficiency.

Additionally, Wallace serves as President of the Lowell Youth Activities Program, Inc., which supports student success by providing college scholarships to low to moderate income youth residing in Lowell Housing Authority properties, and youth enrichment programs.

Wallace is a member of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, and serves a Regional Representative of New England for the National Chapter. Dr. Wallace is a member of the Middlesex Community College Foundation, International Society of Law and Policy, and the American Society for Public Administration.

Gary Wallace

Name: Gary K. Wallace

Designation: Executive Director

Phone: 978-364-5314

Fax: 866-551-2711

Email: [email protected]

Adam has been with the Housing Authority since 2008. Prior to joining the agency, Adam provided financial consulting services to numerous public housing authorities throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Adam serves as the Assistant Executive Director/COO of the Housing Authority. Prior to this role, Adam directed and oversaw all functions of the Finance and Procurement Department to promote and ensure the financial health and well-being of the Authority.  Adam sits on the Finance Committee, the Designer Selection Committee and is Chair of the Safety Committee. Adam holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Suffolk University and a Masters of Public Administration from Suffolk University.

Adam Garvey

Name: Adam Garvey

Designation: Assistant Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 978-364-5313

Fax: 866-551-2711

Email: [email protected]

Sherry Giblin joined the agency as a staff accountant in 2014 with thirteen years of audit, tax and accounting experience from a Lowell based CPA firm.  Her commitment, accuracy and attention to detail earned her a promotion to Chief Accountant in 2016.Sherry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Sherry currently directs and oversees all functions of the Finance and Procurement department to ensure the financial health and well-being of the Authority.

Name: Sherry Giblin

Designation: Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 978-364-5307

Fax: 866-547-0474

Email: [email protected]

Mary Ann has over 30 years of housing experience. She served as the Family Self-Sufficiency Program Coordinator as well as the Division Director of Leased Housing Programs before becoming part of the Executive Team. She received a BA from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. She is a certified Public Housing Manager and Certified Leased Housing Program Manager. She currently serves on the Board of Breyere Gardens, and independent living program at D’youville Senior Care Center. She formerly served on the board of Alternative House and Suitability in Lowell. Ms. Maciejewki is an active member of the Working Cities Initiative, a community collaboration designed to address poverty and barriers to educational attainment among low to moderate income families. Ms. Maciejewski is employed by the Authority as a Special Projects Consultant, who is charged with assisting the agency with the 5-Year Plan, and the demolition and disposition of scattered sites.

Mary Ann Maciejewski

Name: Mary Ann Maciejewski

Designation: Special Projects Consultant

Email: [email protected]

Andrew Rocha joined the Authority in 2016. He is an Executive Assistant with Lowell Housing Authority, where he is responsible for providing administrative support for the executive office and managing the agency’s digital and print communications. Andrew has held various roles in nonprofit management and human resources for human service organizations. He possesses experience in employee onboarding and training, data analysis, marketing, and project management.

He possesses a BA in Political Science from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, an MPA from Bridgewater State University, and is a Certified Public Manager. Andrew also previously served as the Communications Director for the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration.

Name: Andrew Rocha

Designation: Chief Executive Assistant

Phone: 978-364-5311

Fax: 866-551-2711

Email: [email protected]

Brian Moriarty joined the Agency in 1985 as a custodian. He worked his way through the ranks and was promoted to Maintenance Supervisor in 1995. He served as Maintenance Supervisor for 10 years and was promoted to Property Manager of North Common Village, and then to Superintendent of Maintenance in 2011 to oversee all properties, Property Managers, and Maintenance Staff. Brian is a NAHRO certified Public Housing Manager, is OSHA certified, and holds certifications as Manager of Maintenance and as a Housing Specialist.

Brian Moriarty

Name: Brian D. Moriarty

Designation: Superintendent of Facilities

Phone: 978-364-5371

Email: [email protected]

Laura Watts joined Lowell Housing Authority in February 2018.  She is a Licensed Construction Supervisor with extensive field and administrative experience in construction project management and design.  Laura’s education includes a Master’s Degree in Design for Human Health and a Bachelor of Design Degree in Architectural Technology, both from Boston Architectural College. She further serves the community as a volunteer and voting board member of Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust. Laura maintains the Massachusetts Certified Purchasing Official (MCPPO) designation and a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License (MA CS-104748).

Name: Laura Watts

Designation: Capital Asset Manager

Phone: 978-364-5312

Email: [email protected]

Kevin has over 20 years of public housing authority experience. He received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and an Associates Degree in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. He is a NAHRO certified Public Housing Manager, Certified Public Housing Specialist, and maintains his Housing Choice Voucher, Occupancy, and Rent Certifications. Kevin is property manager and broker with Forsley Real Estate and has over 20 years of experience managing private multi-unit properties. He is currently a member of the LHA’s Public Safety Committee.

Name: Kevin Forsley

Designation: Admissions Coordinator

Phone: 978-364-5361

Fax: 866-551-2715

Email: [email protected]

Tha Chhan joined the agency in 1988 and briefly served as a Clerk/Interpreter before being appointed as a Housing Inspector in 1989. He was later promoted in 2002 to Assistant Director of Leased Housing programs before assuming the Directorship in 2008. Tha holds a Masters of Social Work from Boston University and a Bachelors of Science degree from Franklin Pierce College. He is a certified Housing Specialist and Public Housing Manager. Tha is fluent in English and Cambodian. Tha received a citation from the City of Lowell in 2012 for his contributions to the Cambodian community of Lowell and serves on the Board of Directors for the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association.

Tha Chhan

Name: Tha Chhan

Division: Executive Department

Designation: Executive Director

Phone: 978-364-5353

Fax: 866-551-2711

Email: [email protected]

Alisen joined Lowell Housing Authority in 2011 as the Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Coordinator. Her dedication helped build the FSS program from the ground-up, earning recognition for her commitment to detail and dedication in improving the lives of our residents. This recognition has proven multiple promotions over the years. 2015 Data Analyst/Systems Administrator, 2018 Assistant Property Manager. In 2019, combining her experience, Alisen was promoted as the Section 8 program Specialist/System Administrator. in 2021 she was further promoted to Assistant Chief Admissions Officer. In 2023, with her continued success, Alisen’s most recent promotion earned her the role as the Interim Chief Admissions Officer for Section 8. Alisen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Alisen Purtell

Name: Alisen Purtell

Designation: Interim Chief Admissions Officer

Phone: 978-364-5359

Fax: 978-453-6432

Email: [email protected]