City View Towers Resident Displacement Services

City View Towers Resident Displacement Services

To Our Residents of City View Towers:

Welcome Home!


Great news…you’re coming home! There is no need to worry because we’re always here for you. We can appreciate how difficult this must have been for you.  Lowell Housing Authority staff have strived to make this possible for the holidays and the time is near. Check out for residents at hotels is at 11:00am, but we’re asking you to please be in the lobby by 10:00am. Buses will be arriving at that time.There’s only one stop on your trip. Home. When you arrive, staff will be available to assist you. Questions or concerns, please contact Andrew Rocha, Executive Assistant, at 978-364-5311 or call 508-813-1976.

We’re here to help.






To Our Residents of City View Towers:

The Lowell Housing Authority would like to update you on the status of our City View Towers elderly property. On Monday afternoon, a water main break in the City caused significant water damage to the property. Our maintenance personnel, along with utility contractors, the City of Lowell, and emergency services are currently assessing the scope of the damages to the property.

Over the past few days, the Lowell Housing Authority has also been working to address resident needs. We are actively collaborating with the American Red Cross, the Lowell Senior Center, FEMA and emergency services to find temporary housing in local hotels. Below please find some helpful resources and answers to your frequently asked questions.


Here’s What You Need to Know? 

When Will I Be Able to Return to My Apartment?

The Lowell Housing Authority facilities personnel and outside contractors are working to assess the damage caused by the water main break. At this time, the scope of the damages has not been determined. As we learn more information, the Housing Authority will inform residents of an estimated timeline for returning to the units.



May I Return to My Apartment for Essential Items?

Yes. You may return to your apartment at 657 Merrimack Street to pick up essential items from your unit. Beginning 12/1, 657 Merrimack Street will be accessible Monday-Friday, 1:00pm-3:00pm. Lowell Housing Authority staff will be available to assist residents who have mobility issues. If you should need to return to 657 Merrimack Street at an alternative time, please contact Denise Ryan, 978-857-0191 to schedule an appointment.

បទ/ចë0 ។ អ្កអច្តលប់េទផ្ះែល្ងរបស់អ្កេនផ្ះេលខ 657 Merrimack Street េដើម0ីយក្បដប់្បដរ
េ្បើ្បស់ចំបច់ពីបន្ប់របស់អ្ក។ ចប់ពីៃថ្ទី១ ែខធ្Dឆ/0ំ២០២២ តេទ ្បជពលរដ្ែដលរស់េនផ្ះែល្ងេន
អគរ 657 Merrimack Street នឹងអចេចញចូលបនចប់ពីៃថ្ចន្ដល់ៃថ្សុ្ក ពីេមg0ង 1:00 រេសៀលដល់េមg0ង
3:00 រេសៀល។ បុគ្លិករបស់អជ;0ធរលំេនដ>0នៃនទី្កុងឡDែវល នឹងជួយ្បជពលរដ្ែដលរស់េនក្Vងអគរេនះ
ែដលមនប]^0សុខភពនិងពិបកេធ្ើដំេណើរចុះេឡើងផ្ះ។ ្បសិនេបើអ្កគួរែត្តលប់េទអគរ 657 Merrimack
Street ក្Vងេពលេផ0ñង សូមទក់ទង េដនីស ៃរóអិន (Denise Ryan) តមេលខទូរស័ព្978-857-0191 េដើម0ី

May I Get My Mail?

Yes. You may get your mail from City View Towers Monday-Friday, between the hours 1:00pm-3:00pm. To pick up your mail at an alternative time, please contact Denise Ryan, 978-857-0191 to schedule a time. Please note that packages will be held at the property managers office to ensure their safety.

Do I Have to Pay My Rent?

Yes, continued payment of rent on the first of the month is required by the Lowell Housing Authority.

Residents may pay their rent in the same fashion they are accustomed to paying–mail, drop-off at the property managers office, or direct debiting.

What Happens to Spoiled Food in My Apartment?

The Lowell Housing Authority will be cleaning out refrigerators of our residents at City View Towers. Spoiled food must be cleared from apartments to reduce the likelihood of unwanted pests. The Lowell Housing Authority will ask residents to sign a release authorizing staff members and contractors to enter your apartment for this purpose.

Additional information will be provided at a later date to compensate residents for lost food stuffs.

I Need Transporation, What Are My Options?

If you are seeking transportation from your temporary residence at a hotel, you may use public transportation. This is FREE for the month of December through the LRTA. If you require an alternative form of transportation, please contact Andrew Rocha, Executive Assistant at 978-364-5311 for assistance.

LRTA Bus Schedule

Who Is Providing Meals?

Each of the hotels will be providing a continental breakfast in the morning. Lunch and Dinner will be offered through Aramark at approximately 12:00pm, and 5:00 pm.

Where Are the Nearest Spiritual Services From My Hotel?

Below please find the spiritual services in close proximity to your hotel. For your convenience we have separated them by community. Please call or visit websites for hours of operation and religious service times.






ACH Direct Deposit Authorization

As the result of a flood at 657 Merrimack Street, the Lowell Housing Authority (LHA) has relocated some residents to area hotels.  Other residents have chosen to stay with family and friends.  This is a temporary relocation, and the LHA is working to move residents back to their homes as quickly as possible.

While temporarily relocated, the lease remains in effect for those residents who are in hotels.  You are required to abide by the provisions of the lease.  Residents may not damage hotel rooms and are required to report any issues that need to be addressed while in the unit.  Please be advised that you will be responsible for payment of any damages found in the unit at the conclusion of your stay.

The LHA will provide stipends for reasonable and necessary expenses while you are relocated.  Stipends will be directly deposited into resident’s bank accounts.  If you currently have direct debit for your rental payment, you will not need to take any action.  Those who do not have direct debit, you will need to complete an ACH form to authorize the LHA to make deposits into your bank account.


SMS & Robocall Notifications

The Lowell Housing Authority during this difficult time wants to ensure that residents of City View Towers, their families and support networks, and community partners stay informed of our progress to return residents home.

A NOTE TO RESIDENTS: As a resident of Lowell Housing Authority, you were automatically enrolled in SMS notifications. We also have many of you on our robocall lists. We understand, and can appreciate that telephone numbers change, and we’re happy to update your contact information with us, so we can update you.

Please note that anyone who chooses to register for either SMS messages, robocalls or both, may opt-out at any time. SMS messages provide and easy opt-out option, and we will gladly remove your name from our robocall list upon your request. Click below to register.




Gift Cards for Spoiled Food Reiumbursement

The Lowell Housing Authority, through the generous support of the Coalition for a Better Acre is providing $100 gift cards, which are available to replace spoiled food from your refrigerators during the clean-out. Gift cards are available for pickup today, Wednesday, December 28th from 9:00-11:00 in the main lobby. Should you require an alternative time for pick-up, please contact Denise Ryan, Property Manager, at 978-364-5318.



Community Partner Relief Efforts

The Lowell Housing Authority would like to acknowledge the tremendous support we have received from our community partners during this difficult time for our residents. We appreciate all your efforts, kindness, and generosity in helping us bring our residents home.

Thank you for all you do.


Lowell, MA – The Greater Lowell Community Foundation announced the creation of the Moody Street Flood Relief Fund, established to support residents displaced by the water main break that occurred on in Lowell, Monday, Nov. 28 in The Acre neighborhood. A major water main burst spewing thousands of gallons of water into several neighborhood streets, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of elderly and disabled residents from the Lowell Housing Authority City View Towers and several surrounding homes.

“As we have done for the past 25 years, GLCF supports our neighbors. In this case, our neighbors who were displaced by the water main break in The Acre,” says Jay Linnehan, GLCF president and CEO. “We are grateful and fortunate that so many stepped up and contributed to the fund to help those in need.”

To donate to the Greater Lowell Community Foundation’s Moody Street Flood Relief Fund, visit:

To learn more about how to access the fund, contact Lowell Housing Authority at 978-364-5311.

About Greater Lowell Community Foundation
Established in 1997, the Greater Lowell Community Foundation (GLCF) is a philanthropic organization comprised of more than 400 funds dedicated to improving the quality of life in 21 neighboring cities and towns. With financial assets of more than $55 million, GLCF annually awards grants and scholarships to hundreds of worthy nonprofits and students. It is powered by the winning combination of donor-directed giving, personal attention from Foundation staff, and an in-depth understanding of local needs. The generosity of our donors has enabled the Community Foundation to award more than $35 million to the Greater Lowell community.