Maintenance Custodian

Job Summary

The incumbent of this class performs routine building custodial and janitorial tasks. The incumbent maintains buildings and surrounding grounds in a clean and neat condition. Work is performed in accordance with standardized procedures or prior instructions.  The incumbent may be required to learn building maintenance under the guidance and direction of a Maintenance Technician and or superior. The incumbent in this position receives continuance on the job training and formal training in all building maintenance trades, such as: painting, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc. Assumes basic job assignments in all building maintenance duties.  The incumbent receives close guidance from a Property Manager. Work is reviewed while in progress and upon completion for accuracy and compliance with instructions.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

1. Knowledge of methods and practices used in janitorial or custodial work.

2. Knowledge of proper use of a variety of special cleaning and sanitizing solutions and solvents.

3. Ability to read signs and follow oral and written instructions.

4. Ability to move heavy furniture, supplies and equipment.

5. Ability to use common cleaning tools and equipment.

6. Ability to perform building custodial tasks under supervision.

7. Ability to operate lawn care and snow removal equipment.

8. Knowledge of basic maintenance of buildings.

9. Shall possess a valid Driver’s License.

Principal Duties

1. Cleans and polishes floors located in storerooms, corridors, elevators, stairwells lavatories and other areas by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, waxing, and polishing using a variety of hand implements and equipment, such as: brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, floor buffers, etc.

2. Maintains restrooms in a clean and sanitary condition by sweeping, scrubbing and waxing floors, disinfects and deodorizes lavatories, urinals and toilets bowls, washes sinks, mirrors and fountains.

3. Maintains grounds by selecting the proper tools, implements or equipment to perform a variety of tasks, such as: pruning shrubs and trees, reseeding bare spots in lawns, spray insecticide on shrubs and trees, removes snow and ice.

4. Performs emergency repairs as needed.

5. Performs routine custodial and janitorial tasks, such as: emptying waste baskets, washing windows, emptying trash compactors, lifting containers and carrying them out of building, vacuums rugs and carpets, strips wax from floors, and similar tasks.

6. Applies appropriate solvents and solutions, such as: detergents, soaps, scouring powders, waxes, polishes, etc.

7. Performs a number of routine security functions, such as: checking to make certain that designated offices and buildings are secured at specific times of the day/night.

8. Cleans and paints vacant units by washing walls, ceilings, windows, floors, cupboards, lavatories and by steam cleaning appliances.

9. Performs other related duties of the class as required.

10. May be required and/or scheduled to work weekends.

Training and Experience

The nature of this work does not require any prior training or experience. The incumbent should be in good physical condition and should be able to demonstrate the ability to understand oral and written instructions. Some manual dexterity is called for.