The Lowell Housing Authority was founded in 1937 by the Housing Act of 1937. The agency is the first public housing authority in Massachusetts and is now the states’ third largest. Since the organizations’ inception, the Authority has been tasked with providing “safe, decent, and sanitary housing” for low income residents of the community. Over the years, the agency adapted seamlessly to changes in legislation which provided greater flexibility in implementing affordable housing programs and services. With added flexibility came a new set of challenges and expectations for public housing providers. The Lowell Housing Authority is not just a housing provider, but rather, a full social service agency designed to provide stability and create opportunities for residents to achieve self-sufficiency.

Over the last few years, the agency has taken strides to change the often-negative perceptions associated with living in public housing. While it is an unfortunate reality, much of the housing development of the past created an institutional façade for most public housing projects, where chain-linked fencing, and closed-spaces are commonplace. The Authority has utilized Construction Through Environmental Design Principles (CPTED) throughout the properties to create livable, open spaces to create a community feel to properties and reduce crime in the area.


In 2017, the Authority began an effort to rebrand the agency as an innovative affordable housing provider. The agency created a new logo and mission statement which more accurately reflects the agencies mission to create a “Foundation for Stability and Opportunity.” The Authority has also committed to increasing platforms for communicating with residents. To improve communication, the Authority established a social and digital media presence, including building Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, and distributes a bi-monthly e-newsletter.
The agency is committed to data-driven decision-making across the Authority to ensure that our programs and services are efficient, economically viable, and sustainable. We value our employees and encourage their professional development to ensure that the Authority has experienced, and dedicated professionals across the agency. Our talented team helps to address critical policy issues of today, but also possess the knowledge, and education to adapt to the industry challenges of the future.

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