Executive Department

The Executive Department is lead by Dr. Gary K. Wallace, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, Mary Ann Maciejewski, Assistant Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer and Adam Garvey, Chief Financial Officer and supported by Andrew Rocha, Executive Assistant.  

The Executive Department establishes and administers policy for the agency with the goal of providing decent, safe and sanitary housing and improving the quality of life for families, and elderly/disabled individuals of low and moderate income. The Department oversees and coordinates all functions of the Authority including Facilities Management and Capital Planning, Property Management, the Division of Leased Housing Programs, the Division of Public Housing Programs, the Finance Department and Management Information Systems.

The Lowell Housing Authority’s portfolio consists of 1698 units of Federal Public Housing, 198 units of State Public Housing. The Authority also administers 1246 Section 8 Vouchers, 22 Department of Mental Health rental subsidies, 50 Lowell Rental Assistance Fund Program subsidies and 43 Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program. Each program is unique to meet the different community needs. The Executive Team assesses and monitors the operation of these programs to ensure program integrity and compliance with established regulations.




The Executive Department also establishes policies and procedures for employees to address personnel issues and develop criteria to effectuate a productive work environment. Regularly held Executive Staff Meetings allow for Directors from each department to actively participate and determine how to best manage and motivate staff and address personnel needs and issues through a comprehensive policy.

The Executive Director reports on the activities of the Authority to the Board of Commissioners at monthly scheduled meetings and sub-committee meetings and through written and verbal communications. The Executive Director presents policy changes and contract award proposals to the Board for approval and also reports on modernization projects, financial information and on directives issued by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Housing and Community Development. The monthly Board Meetings provide an opportunity for residents and staff to learn about the inners workings of the agency and also provide information on the future direction of the Authority.

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