Public Housing Residents

Youth Programming

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The Lowell Housing Authority has partnered with Kids In Tech, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to excite, educate, and inspire youth to pursue careers in the STEM fields. They make learning fun utilizing interactive STEM activities through their Afterschool Tech Club program.

The After-School Tech Clubs are Kids in Tech’s flagship program, providing free STEM education to kids from low-income households. Kids ages 8 to 14 gather in small groups after school right at their school site and professional educators and skilled volunteers guide them in fun, hands-on technology learning activities.

Learning Zone Mission

The mission of the Learning Zone is to offer daily tutoring assistance, hands-on activities, critical thinking exercises, informational guest speakers and recreational opportunities to further promote academic success and broaden one’s quest for knowledge.

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Program Overview

The Learning Zone is Lowell Housing Authority’s after-school youth enrichment program. The Learning Zone (North Common Village) serves youth in grades 2-8 from both the North Common Village Public Housing development as a well as the surrounding Acre neighborhood. The Learning Zone at Highland Parkway serves youth in grades 2-8 from both the Highland Parkway Public Housing development as well as the surrounding Highlands neighborhood. Each site is capable of serving twenty-five participants. Program staff are able to act as a liaison between parents and school staff to foster academic success.

What We Do…

The Learning Zone staff utilize educational games and group activities to reinforce learning while still keeping it fun.  The program provides any necessary materials to better enable children to complete assigned projects with ease: construction paper, poster board, crayons/markers/colored pencils, glue, rulers, stencils, etc.

We foster relationships with community partners to bring engaging programming to these properties throughout the year. Guest speakers, presentations and field trips all play a significant role in the promotion of acquiring new knowledge and concepts. Respect for staff and peers, honesty, trust, and loyalty are character traits that are emphasized in all interactions. Students are rewarded for measurable accomplishments via small trinkets, gift cards, or special snacks.

Partner Programming

The Lowell Housing Authority partners with the Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust to bring hands-on environmental education to the children at Highland Parkway and North Common Village. Students participate in a nature scavenger hunt, plant seeds, learn about climate change and other environmental issues impacting their world.