Public Housing Residents


The Lowell Housing Authority facilities team strives to keep our properties looking their best.  Our team consists of custodians, mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians who bring diverse expertise in addressing the needs of our properties.

Facilities perform both routine and emergency maintenance requests for residents.  Routine requests are triaged by our property management team to address accordingly, and will provide you with an estimated timeframe to complete the work.  Some maintenance requests require emergency repairs, which are generally completed within 24 hours.

Emergency maintenance requests include, but are not limited to:

      • Any condition which jeopardizes the security of the unit
      • Major plumbing leaks or flooding, waterlogged ceiling or floor in imminent danger of falling
      • Natural or LP gas or fuel leaks
      • Any electrical problem or condition which could result in shock or fire
      • Loss of working heating system from September 15th through June 15th
      • Utilities (electrical, gas or water) not in service
      • Conditions which present the imminent possibility of injury
      • Obstacles which prevent safe entrance or exit from a unit
      • Inoperable fire alarm systems, missing or inoperable smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors
      • Any and all other conditions which pose a threat to the well being of the family/individual occupying the unit

Property managers will be responsible for ensuring that all emergency requests are corrected within 24 hours. In situations where a 24 hour request cannot be immediately corrected, the family/individual will be relocated to a hotel or other shelter. Property manager will coordinate these temporary relocations. All costs will be paid by the Housing Authority, including hotel charges, costs for food while out of the unit, as well as transportation costs.

Call to Submit a Maintenance Request

North Common Village 1-978-453-6982
South Common Village 1-978-453-7596
Highland Parkway & Harold Hartwell Court 1-978-459-5037
Concord River Mill, Lakeview Avenue 1-978-275-8170
City View Towers, Francis Gatehouse Mill, Belvidere Heights, Centralville Gardens 1-978-459-4867