Public Housing Residents

Paying Rent

Residents of our Low Rent Public Housing program upon admission are permitted to make a choice between flat rent and income-based rent. These payment options provide flexibility to individuals and families in choosing the rent payment option that best suits their needs. At the time of admission, your property manager will discuss both options with you to find the right option for your family considering factors such as your eligible deductions, family composition, and employment status.

Flat Rent

A flat rent is a payment schedule developed by the LHA which permits a monthly, rent payment that does not include any utility reimbursement. Residents choosing a flat rent option are generally exempt from interim reporting requirements, however residents are required to report any changes to income to the LHA to ensure they remain eligible for the program.  If a family chooses the Flat Rent option, the LHA will conduct a recertification of income once every three years. Recertification of family composition will take place annually.

FY 2021 Flat Rent Schedule

  • Unit Size 0
  • Flat Rent Amount$990
  • Unit Size 1
  • Flat Rent Amount$1087
  • Unit Size 2
  • Flat Rent Amount$1,418
  • Unit Size 3
  • Flat Rent Amount$1,754
  • Unit Size 4
  • Flat Rent Amount$1,923
  • Unit Size 5
  • Flat Rent Amount$2,211
  • Unit Size 6
  • Flat Rent Amount$2,500

****Flat Rents will be applied on October 15, 2021 for new admissions, and January 1, 2022 for annual recertifications of income****

Income-Based Rent

An income-based rent is based on the family’s adjusted income minus any applicable utility allowance for paid by residents. The LHA will base rent calculations on 30% of adjusted income for determining income-based rents.

Families may switch from flat rent to income-based rent schedules annually at the time of lease renewal, or in the case of financial hardship. Please note that Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) participants do not have access to the flat-rent option.

Rent is due on the 1st of the month and should be mailed to your Property Manager’s Office.

For more information regarding rent, please contact your property manager, or view the helpful document below.

Did you know that the Lowell Housing Authority offers the convenience of direct debiting?


Simply complete the authorization form and return the form to your property manager. Once enrolled, the Lowell Housing Authority will automatically withdraw your rent from your checking account on the 1st of each month. Sign up now for a worry-free rent paying experience.

What You Should Know...

Direct Debiting Authorization Form