Public Housing Residents


Dog and Cat

Residents residing in federally supported affordable housing are permitted to own and keep common household pets in their dwelling units in accordance with federal regulations adopted by the LHA. Common household pets include domesticated animals such as a dog, cat, bird, fish, rodent or turtle. The pet policy will be discussed with new residents at the time a lease is signed. The rules and regulations for pet ownership vary depending on family size. Animals that are used to assist the handicapped are excluded from the pet ownership requirements and are considered a reasonable accommodation by the LHA. Here are some general rules regarding pet ownership at LHA:

  1. All pets must be registered with the LHA before they are allowed on the premises
  2. One pet per household (residents in family affordable housing properties may be permitted to have more than one pet, subject to reasonable LHA requirements)
  3. Licenses must be updated annually
  4. Pets may be limited in common areas according to LHA discretion
  5. Pets may not impact another resident’s peaceful enjoyment of their home
  6. Dog/Cats must be spayed or neutered


For more information and to find a clinic near you to spay/neuter your pet please visit:


There are other considerations and rules to consider when owning a pet within an LHA property. To view the full policy please click below.