Public Housing Residents

Public Safety

CCTV security camera for home security & surveillance.

The LHA is serious about ensuring the safety and security of our residents. The LHA has police officers assigned during daytime shift hours, and an officer that patrols our elderly developments during late night hours. Security cameras are installed at each of our developments and are readily accessible to the Lowell Police Department (LPD).

The LHA has a no tolerance policy for violent or drug related criminal offenses. In the event of an arrest made on LHA property related to drug distribution or manufacture, the presence of weapons, or violent criminal behavior, the LHA will utilize swift, HUD approved eviction procedures to terminate the tenancy of a resident involved in the arrest. Property Managers are diligent in addressing criminal matters immediately, and work closely with the Executive Leadership to resolve issues related to resident safety.

The LHA also provides office space at the Mercier Center, situated within the North Common Village for the LPD’s Gang Unit. The increased police presence has had a positive effect in reducing crime in the Acre neighborhood.

The LHA will continue to explore new safety initiatives, public safety funding sources, and public and private collaborations in an effort to ensure the safety of all residents within our properties.