Public Housing Residents

Resident Information

As an affordable housing provider in the community, the LHA is dedicated to delivering the highest quality housing and support services for LHA program residents in the community. The Lowell Housing operates 1,698 federally-funded public housing units across 10 properties throughout the Lowell community. Our public housing properties include Belevidere Heights, Centralville Gardens, City View Towers, Concord River Mill, Francis Gatehouse, Harold Hartwell Court, Highland Parkway, Faulkner Street apartments, and North and South Common Villages. Our properties consist of family and elderly housing and provide residents with convenient access to schools, public transportation, and in-house and community support services. There are also many units within our developments that are ADA compliant to assist disabled residents who require reasonable accommodation.

The LHA is committed to resident safety. Our properties are equipped with video surveillance cameras, and we work closely with the Lowell Police Department (LPD), swiftly addressing criminal activity to ensure that all residents have a safe place to call home.

The Lowell Housing Authority provides a number of helpful online resources for residents to access to helpful information, account services, and local community resources. As a resident of a Lowell Housing Authority property, you have the ability to pay your rent, find services, and schedule an appointment from the convenience of our quick access links below.


Name: Kevin Forsley

Designation: Admissions Coordinator

Phone: 978-364-5361

Fax: 866-551-2715

Email: [email protected]