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The Lowell Housing Authority’s JobsPLUS Program loves to celebrate the success of our program participants. Each Friday, we share their accomplishments in our Feature Fridays! Check back each Friday to join us in recognizing our participants. 


Feature Friday!

Enith Moldonado!

Enith Maldonado, 12/10/21

For this #FeatureFriday we are featuring ENITH MALDONADO! Enith enrolled in JobsPLUS in mid-September and has achieved so much in such a short amount of time. Taking full advantage of JobsPLUS’ supportive services, she acquired interview outfits and secured 3 interviews. With cooking as her “passion,” Enith accepted a cook position at the Tsongas Center where she leads a team. In addition to working 21+ hours per week, Enith also attends culinary classes at Middlesex Community College. As if that were not enough on her plate, Enith manages to find the time for support meetings, and has maintained her sobriety for three years strong 💪💪. She has a heart of gold and is always thinking of others, including her Grandson, who she describes as her “everything.” Enith is a shining example of hard work, positivity, and perseverance. Please join us in celebrating this phenomenal woman.


Feature Friday!

Daisy Lopez!

Daisy Lopez, 9/17/21

For this #FeatureFriday we are featuring DAISY LOPEZ! Daisy has been one of our biggest go-getters, utilizing many JobsPLUS resources, and accomplishing so much in just over 2 months. From her initial enrollment, Daisy worked closely with JobsPLUS Case Workers to secure healthcare, explore childcare options, update her resume, and acquire interview clothing. Daisy also began classes toward achieving her GED, and in doing so is modeling determination and goal setting for her young children. In the future, Daisy plans to take advantage of financial coaching with our partner, Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union, to set her family up for home ownership. Having recently acquired a position at Market Basket, and with the JobsPLUS earned income disregard, she is on the right path toward achieving that goal! Daisy credits JobsPLUS as being a major motivating factor in all of her milestones, and encourages others to make the jump towards achieving a better future for their families. Please join us in celebrating Daisy!



Feature Friday!

Carmen Smith!

Carmen Smith, 7/30/21

For this #FeatureFriday, we are featuring CARMEN SMITH!

Carmen and a household member have both been a part of JobsPLUS Program since its beginnings. Around the time of enrolling in the program, Carmen began a Registration Clerk role for a medical office. She has worked in her field for the past 10 years and had previously worked as a CNA for 27 years.

Through JobsPLUS, Carmen has been working on updating her resume, and the program has also provided her with resources to clothes, Mill City Grows’ locally grown veggies, and furniture for her home. Carmen credits the program with helping her to stabilize her rent and believes that, “You cannot go wrong in joining!” She has worked with the JobsPLUS team to set goals for saving money, continuing her education, working full-time, and eventual homeownership.

Carmen is a hardworking and giving individual who regularly helps her neighbors without any need for praise. Show her some love!

Feature Friday!

Carlos Cruz!

Carlos Cruz, 11/19/21

For this #FeatureFriday we are featuring CARLOS CRUZ! Carlos has had a part-time position with the Lowell Housing Authority for several years now, and as a resident of North Common Village was able to enroll in #JobsPLUS. Since his enrollment in mid-April, Carlos has been able to increase his work hours without causing his rent to increase. One of the JobsPLUS services that Carlos has capitalized on is the individual financial coaching offered through our partners at Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union. With his additional earned income, Carlos plans to purchase a vehicle and has also begun considering future homeownership. Carlos is a valued team member at LHA and staff, residents, and community partners alike have all appreciated seeing more of him. In addition to running mail interdepartmentally, Carlos helps inform residents of various happenings through the distribution of marketing materials. He is also a favorite and known face with our partners at Uncommon Threads & The Wish Project, where he helps connect immobile residents with much needed goods. More recently Carlos has taken up the delivery of Mill City Grows farm shares to the doorsteps of residents at North Common Village. Carlos is an integral member of the JobsPLUS team and we are thrilled to see him also benefit from the program. Please join us in congratulating Carlos on his hard work and the inevitable rewards he will achieve!



Feature Friday!

Jennifer Flores!

Jennifer Flores, 7/23/21

For our first ever #FeatureFriday, we would like to feature JENNIFER FLORES!

Jennifer is a #JobsPLUS Community Outreach Specialist AND participant of the program. She is an integral part of sharing the benefits of the program with North Common Village residents. Since enrolling in JobsPLUS, Jennifer has acquired a full-time position at Super Cuts in Chelmsford (Call and ask to schedule a hair appointment with her!) and completed an HR course at Middlesex Community College. Through JobsPLUS Jennifer’s son, Elias, also acquired his first job this Summer, and recently earned his learner’s permit! Jennifer is a hard working mama, a great role model for her children, creative, intelligent, giving, and very caring. Show Jennifer and her family some love ❤

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Feature Friday!

Liza Nieves!

Liza Nieves, 10/8/21

For this #FeatureFriday we are featuring LIZA NIEVES! Liza enrolled in JobsPLUS in early April and has since accomplished many goals set with her JobsPLUS Case Managers. Some of these accomplishments include renewing her CPR/First Aid/AED certification, overcoming many obstacles with childcare, identifying translation services for guidance with documents, and landing a great position as a PCA. Liza is a hard-working person and is determined to achieve all of her goals. Some future goals of hers are to renew her CNA license, acquire an LPN certification, and eventually own her own home. Liza’s eldest son is also enrolled in the JobsPLUS Program and is working towards achieving his driver’s license and a part-time position around school. Through all of life’s troubles Liza maintains a positive attitude and she is a great role model for her sons and neighbors. Her message to residents who have not applied is, “Do not waste anymore of your time! This is one of the best opportunities!”

A few photos from our monthly Table Talk Thursday event last week. 🤩 Thank you to everyone who came out! Stop by the left side of 21 Salem St., where #JobsPLUS is located, and ring the doorbell to grab some of the few remaining costumes!