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Section 8

The Income Disallowance Plan

The Earned Income Disallowance (EID) is a program which allows residents to increase their incomes through employment without a rent increase on a temporary basis. This plan is available to resident families of Public Housing or Division of Leased Housing Programs, who are pursuing employment opportunities, financial stabilization programs, or experience changes in income while still receiving other benefits. EID benefits also apply to disabled residents who have gained employment.

The exact EID benefit amount depends on a resident’s income. Residents may take advantage of this benefit for a total of 24-months over a 48-month period based on employment status fluctuation. According to HUD regulations, the LHA will disallow 100% of the total rent increase from the base amount prior to employment for a 12-month period. After the first 12 months, 50% will be disallowed for the second 12-month period. Eligible income disallowance also includes income increases from participation in economic self-sufficiency programs, job training, or adjustments to resident benefits.

For questions about eligibility for income disallowance, residents may contact their property manager or the Division of Leased Housing office.