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When I first filled out an application with LHA, all I was looking for was affordable housing for people with disabilities. I was pleasantly surprised at how much more they had to offer: free shuttles to the grocery store, a Resident Coordinator able to help tenants find the assistance and social programs they need and help apply for them, as well as an active, multicultural community of residents who work to help each other. It encouraged me to become active in the Tenant Council, helping out with events and other activities. Then I discovered that many people in the building were in need of help understanding how to use their computers and smartphones; something that I have a lot of experience with. LHA has been incredibly supportive of my efforts to help people with these issues and we're in the process of creating a program to help residents beyond all of my expectations. They're helping me to help others, which I find incredibly rewarding. Affordable housing is good, but helping me feel better about myself while helping others at the same time is even better.

- Brian Sparrow, City View Towers, Resident