Our Properties

Our Properties

Belvidere Heights

Belvidere Heights is a four-story modern development constructed in the late 1960s, and is home primarily for elderly residents. Belvidere Heights has ample parking and great views of downtown Lowell and in walking distance to Eastern Canal and Kittredge Parks, and the Social Security Administration (SSA) Office. Bus service is located right outside the door of this residence. This property features hallways of luxury vinyl tile recently installed to provide elderly residents with flooring that lends itself to greater mobility, improved noise reduction, while being durable, easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

Centralville Gardens

Centralville Gardens is a four-story modern development constructed in the late 1960s, and is home primarily for elderly residents. Centralville Gardens has a fully automated key card system and elevator access. This property is conveniently located near McPherson Playground and Pool, Greenhalge Elementary School, and easy access to bus stops located on Hildreth and Bridge Streets.

City View Towers

City View Towers was constructed in 1971 and is an L shaped mid-century modern building located on the corner of Merrimack and Moody Streets. City View Towers consists of 1- bedroom units of individual and elderly housing. City View Towers is conveniently located within the Executive and Division of Leased Housing Program Offices of the LHA.

City View Towers provides residents with elevator access and handicapped accessibility. City View Towers is the closest property to downtown Lowell and the community supportive services available to residents within walking distance. City View Towers has an on-site foodbank, tech support services, off-street resident parking, and an active Tenant Council.

Concord River Mill

Concord River Mill is a state property of 42 units of elderly housing funded by Section 8 New Construction and the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP). Concord River Mill is located in walking distance from Lowell General Hospital’s Saints Campus, Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Merrimack Repertory Theatre and the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance.

Faulkner Street

Faulkner Street is a smaller LHA property located along the Concord River, and consisting of 8 bungalow style buildings with 27 units of elderly housing. These units have a condominium design for more private living, while close to many of the popular services located on nearby Lawrence Street. This property is located near Shedd Park, Shaughnessy Elementary School, and Butler Middle School.

Francis Gatehouse

Standing beside Lowell’s historic Pawtucket Canal is Francis Gatehouse. Originally a shoe manufacturing mill in the 19th century, this historic factory was converted in the late 1970s to loft style studio and 1-bedroom units for the elderly. Francis Gatehouse Mill sits along the historic canal and associated parks. This development was recently renovated to include modern kitchens and bathrooms. The interior of the development features aged beams, high ceilings, and carpeted hallways. The LHA received critical acclaim in the 1970s of Francis Gatehouse Mill for the creative repurposing of an aging structure using modern architectural designs.

Harold Hartwell

Harold Hartwell Court is a 26-unit family community, located on a hill overlooking the City Lowell. The units are spacious. Less centralized than the other housing properties, Harold Hartwell Court offers privacy with access to shopping on Chelmsford Street, and in walking distance to South Common Park, and the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV).

Highland Parkway

Highland Parkway, constructed in 1954, features brick and sided row house style family units available in 1-5 bedrooms. This property consists of key locks, open spaces and close to nearby Mulligan Park. Street parking is available in front of homes. Highland parkway provides easy access to the East Gate Plaza Shopping Center, Callery Park, laundromat services, and bus transportation. Highland Parkway provides convenient access to the Lowell Connector, RT 3 and RT 495.

North Common Village

North Common Village constitutes the largest of the Lowell Housing Authority’s developments, with a total of 524 units spread across 36 buildings. This property is a mixed-family community. Construction of these units began in 1937, and this property consists of brick walk-up and row house style buildings with apartment sizes ranging from one to four bedrooms. Access to units is provided through traditional keyed locks, and upper floors are reached by stairs only. Lighting for North Common features both wall-pack lighting fixtures mounted on the exterior walls, for a total of 108 fixtures, and 26 historic-style streetlights.

Open space has always been a great feature at North Common Village. Residents are able to enjoy the common areas between units with a total of 163,245 ft2 of lawn space, intertwined with 2.6 miles of walkways. North Common Village is also joined by North Common Park, and in walking distance to the LHA’s Learning Zone, and Murkland Elementary School. Parking is available among 154 parking spaces assigned to residents of North Common Village.

South Common Village

South Common Village was constructed in 1955 and represent some of the more modern mid-century modern public housing units that the LHA has in its portfolio. South Common Village is a high-rise style building with a fully automated key card system and elevators in every building. Lighting of this development consists of both wall-pack lighting fixtures mounted on the exterior walls, and a total of 80 free standing modern light poles.

LHA properties of South Common Village extend to Faulkner Street where Bungalow style units are available among 8 buildings, with 27 units of elderly housing. With a condominium style layout, these units foster independent living and provide convenient access to South Common Park and support services located on Gorham and Lawrence Streets.