Resident Services

Resident Services

The Lowell Housing Authority in addition to providing affordable housing opportunities for low income families in the City of Lowell offers a wide variety of supportive services for families and the elderly. These programs assist our residents in setting goals for residents to reach their highest level of self-sufficiency, or to comfortably age in place. Programs include:

Let Us Be Part of Your Success!


Jasmine joined the FSS Program in 2013. During her time in the program, Jasmine attended Middlesex Community College and obtained an Associates Degree in Business Administration in 2019. Jasmine is working towards purchasing a single-family home in the near future.





Liza Nieves enrolled in JobsPLUS in early April and has since accomplished many goals set with her JobsPLUS Case Managers. Some of these accomplishments include renewing her CPR/First Aid/AED certification, overcoming many obstacles with childcare, identifying translation services for guidance with documents, and landing a great position as a PCA. Liza is a hard-working person and is determined to achieve all of her goals. Some future goals of hers are to renew her CNA license, acquire an LPN certification, and eventually own her own home. Liza’s eldest son is also enrolled in the JobsPLUS Program and is working towards achieving his driver’s license and a part-time position around school. Through all of life’s troubles Liza maintains a positive attitude and she is a great role model for her sons and neighbors. Her message to residents who have not applied is, “Do not waste anymore of your time! This is one of the best opportunities!”


Taking full advantage of JobsPLUS’ supportive services, Enith Maldonado acquired interview outfits and secured 3 interviews. With cooking as her “passion,” Enith accepted a cook position at the Tsongas Center where she leads a team. In addition to working 21+ hours per week, Enith also attends culinary classes at Middlesex Community College. As if that were not enough on her plate, Enith manages to find the time for support meetings, and has maintained her sobriety for three years strong. She has a heart of gold and is always thinking of others, including her Grandson, who she describes as her “everything.” Enith is a shining example of hard work, positivity, and perseverance.


Name: Katie Sadlier

Designation: Director, JobsPLUS Program

Phone: 978-364-5367

Fax: 866-541-2745

Email: [email protected]

Name: Kelsey Tauer

Division: Resident Services

Designation: Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator

Phone: 978-364-5368

Email: [email protected]

Name: Kiss Quick

Division: JobsPlus Program

Designation: Outreach Specialist

Phone: 978-996-2678

Email: [email protected]

Name: Naida Gonzalez

Division: Resident Services

Designation: Resident Service Coordinator

Phone: 978-364-5352

Fax: 866-541-2750

Email: [email protected]

Name: Paula Gouveia, RN

Division: Resident Services

Designation: Resident Health Advisor

Phone: 978-364-5348

Email: [email protected]