The Lowell Housing Authority (LHA) Purchasing Department is a centralized department supporting and providing assistance to housing authority staff. The Procurement Team strives for open and fair competition, while maintaining goodwill with those interested in doing business with the authority. It is our mission to be as transparent as possible, and to do business in a manner that preserves the public trust and is in the best interest of our residents and taxpayers.

Responsibilities – Purchasing, under the supervision of the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) oversees all purchases of supplies, construction, and sales of surplus property. The team monitors and assures that all procurement activities are in compliance with Massachusetts and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) statutes and guidelines.

Advertising and Availability of Bid Documents – the LHA meets or exceeds requirements for advertising solicitations and opportunities to do business with the authority. It is expected that interested parties have access to the Central Register, Goods and Services Bulletin, newspapers, and the LHA website as sources of information. Most solicitation documents are provided to interested parties free of charge.

Due to the inability of the Authority to maintain the integrity of documents accessed by plan rooms and publications, the Authority cautions individuals and firms who obtain information from said sources and redirects all parties to the Authority’s website for accurate and official information and documents.

The LHA will not provide documents to plan rooms or publications via email or paper copy. Any plan room or publication wishing to obtain documents must register as a plan holder.

Contact Us
Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Rita V. Brousseau, Chief Procurement Officer
Phone: 978-34-341
Email: [email protected]

Evelyn Canela, Assistant to the Chief Procurement Officer
Phone: 978-34-301
Email: [email protected]

Quick Links
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Bid Opportunities

The Lowell Housing Authority (LHA) is currently seeking responses for the procurement opportunities listed below. Simply click on the item below for more information.

All addenda and supporting documents issued throughout the solicitation period will be issued electronically only; therefore, it is extremely important that your email is listed correctly. The authority will not be responsible for incorrect information submitted via the registration process. It is the responsibility of the individual or firm who has registered or downloaded a solicitation to check the authority’s website for addenda and all other associated documents prior to submitting a response. Although our system typically notifies plan holders when items are added or changed, actual delivery of these messages is beyond our control. Plan holders are urged to perform due diligence in checking the solicitation routinely for new documents or addenda.

Results and Awards

History of previous procurement opportunities, accompanied by results and awards.

Section 3 Policy

Information on LHA’s Section 3 Policy.