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The Lowell Housing Authority is an equal opportunity employer with approximately 100 employees. If you get satisfaction from helping people, if you have a way with people, tools, organizing, numbers or computers consider a career with the housing authority. Every skill from custodian to mechanic, from clerk to executive officer is utilized by the housing authority.

Open positions are listed below. Click on the title for more information. You may also visit our administrative offices at 350 Moody Street, Lowell, MA 01854.

Interested candidates please send a resume and cover letter to: Dr. Gary K. Wallace, Executive Director, 350 Moody Street, P.O. Box 60, Lowell, MA 01853-0060 or email Andrew Rocha, Executive Assistant, at arocha@lhma.org

Lowell Housing Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Youth Services Program Manager
The Lowell Housing Authority is seeking one qualified individual to serve as part-time Youth Services Program Manager.  The Manager will be responsible for overseeing an after-school program for youth who reside in family developments of the Lowell Housing Authority as well as the surrounding neighborhood.  The program is offered between the hours of 3:00 P.M. and 5:30 P.M., Monday through Thursday, at two sites; the North Common Village Development and at Highland Parkway (George Flanagan) Development.  The program serves a diverse youth group ranging in age from 6 years to 16 years and runs from approximately late-August through mid-June each year.

The Program Manager will be responsible for providing a program that focuses on educational activities such as homework assistance and basic computer training, nutritional and health information, reading enhancement, arts and crafts, team building and organized recreational activities. Guest speakers as well as occasional field trips to local events and sports venues may be coordinated.

The Program Manager will perform ongoing outreach to LHA families to involve youth in the program. Outreach may include the development of a flyer for distribution, coordination of an open house or individual meetings with families.

The Program Manager will be required to maintain a daily log of students participating in the program and must maintain current emergency contact information for each participant.

Successful candidates must have a basic knowledge of youth-based resources within the local community, including but not limited to recreational, educational and social programming.  The Manager will be responsible for providing information relative to registration and requirements for participation in such off-site programs to interested students/parents.

The Program Manager will be responsible for the tracking of data/preparation of reports and statistics on activities and youth involvement on a monthly basis.

The site will be operated by one Program Manager and one Assistant Program Coordinator.  The Program Manager will also recruit, train and supervise volunteer tutors to work at the aforementioned site.

The Program Manager will have an annual operating budget of $2,500 to utilize for purposes of providing supplies and materials to enhance the program.  Additional costs beyond these (i.e.; computer equipment, tickets for sporting events, enrollment fees in educational programs) will be considered.

Suggested Training/Experience

The nature of this work suggests that a candidate possess a Bachelors Degree in Education and have previous work experience in the field of Education.  The successful candidate must possess a valid Massachusetts driver’s license and must have a vehicle.  Knowledge of cultural diversities and bilingual capabilities preferred.

Rate of Pay:              $24.00 per hour, 10 hours per week

Any individual desiring to be considered for this position must submit his/her resume and letter of intent to Dr. Gary K. Wallace, Executive Director, P.O. Box 60, 350 Moody Street, Lowell, MA  01853-0060 by August, 31, 2018.





The incumbent of this class performs skilled plumbing maintenance tasks such as the installation, maintenance and repair of plumbing systems, fixtures, controls, appliances, and equipment of buildings, grounds, apartments, and general facilities. The incumbent is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of assigned plumbing systems and components. The incumbent shall possess and maintain a state journeymen’s plumbers license. This position is a highly responsible position requiring the incumbent to work independently and exercise
good judgment at all times.


The incumbent of this class receives general supervision in the performance of assigned plumbing tasks. The incumbent receives work assignments from and is supervised by the Supervisor of Heating.


No supervision is exercised normally, but incumbent may on occasion provide
work direction to a few maintenance personnel who assist in non-technical tasks.


1. Knowledge of National, State and Local Plumbing codes.
2. Knowledge of Plumbing Theory.
3. Knowledge of plumbing tools and equipment.
4. Knowledge of safety precautions. and procedures used while working with plumbing.
5. Skilled in the use of hand tools and test equipment.
6. Ability to interpret instruction, specifications, blueprints, diagrams, repair manuals, etc.
7. Ability to plan and. layout plumbing systems for proper and safe operations.
8. Ability to receive and carry out oral and written instructions.
9. Ability to perform effectively in cramped quarters and in high places.
10. Shall possess valid Massachusetts Driver’s License.


1. Performs the installation of heating systems, hot water systems, plumbing fixtures, etc.
2. Performs plumbing repair tasks on items such as water closets, sinks, showers, faucets, etc.
3. Is able to interpret plans and blueprints related to plumbing and heating installation.
4. Trouble shoot plumbing problems with waste systems, heating systems, domestic water supplies, etc.
5. Performs other related duties of a maintenance mechanic as required.
6. Required to wear a pager at all times.
7. Notifies Supervisor of potentially dangerous piping systems for waste lines, heating or plumbing, and be prepared to taken corrective action and document same.
8. May be called on night shifts and weekends to perform emergency repairs.
9. May on occasion perform mechanic’s work when no mechanic is available.
10. May be required to use own transportation when company vehicle not available. Mileage reimbursement provided at the established rate.


Must have a minimum of five (5) years experience as a journeyman plumber. The nature of this work suggest that the incumbent come to this position with considerable experience’ in plumbing maintenance/construction, at a journeyman level of performance. Training should have been completed in an apprenticeship training program in plumbing, or graduation from a trade, regional vocational high school or another school offering curriculum in plumbing. The incumbent must possess a current Massachusetts’ journeyman plumber’s license. Good physical condition is a requisite.


Frequent strenuous physical effort required; ability to lift and carry on a frequent and continuous basis, weights of 50 to 100 pounds. Required to bend, kneel, reach and squat frequently throughout the work shift. Must successfully pass a physical and drug screening. May be required to work shift greater than 8 hours. Ability to use and wear personal protective equipment and clothing such as hearing protection, eye protection, foot and hand protection, and respiratory protection.

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