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The Lowell Housing Authority is a quasi-public organization with a mission to work in partnership with other housing providers, local government and our residents to provide quality housing and a variety of social services programs that assist residents in achieving their highest level of self-sufficiency. The Authority manages over 2,500 units of federal, state, and leased housing for individuals and families. The LHA operates under the umbrella of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) who establish regulations and provide guidance to our agency.

We are a large housing organization with approximately 83 administrative staff, and an experienced maintenance workforce, responsible for the upkeep of our properties across the City of Lowell. We consider ourselves to be A Foundation for Stability and Opportunity. We recognize that access to affordable housing is only the first step in achieving self-sufficiency, so we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming much more. To achieve our goals, we implement or partner with a number of community organizations to create opportunities for our residents to achieve self-sufficiency. Programs and services include youth enrichment, academic scholarships, financial literacy, counseling, and homeownership.

As a team, we are data-driven, encourage innovation, and strive for excellence. We value our employees, offer excellent benefits, and support the professional growth of staff through our tuition reimbursement program, professional training, and mentorship.

Current Openings

Data Analyst

Job Summary   This represents a responsible technical and analytical position in the agency, in which the incumbent must use operational research methods and cost benefit analysis to identify improvement areas. The position requires an understanding of accounting principles, strong communication and problem solving skills, the ability to perform industry research and analyze processes to maximize efficiency. Incumbent must be able to interpret data and devise and implement recommendations to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve service delivery. Work is normally carried out under a highly placed manager in the agency. The Data Analyst will also be responsible for identifying trends and patterns in operations and resident behavior. The incumbent receives direct supervision from the Chief Operating Officer of the agency, with who the incumbent is in daily contact. The incumbent provides no supervision to others.   Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Problem solving in a fast paced, limited revenue environment.
  2. Ability to collect and organize information from various databases, feedback and history.
  3. Use statistical analysis to develop practical solutions.
  4. Ability to perform complicated financial and operational analysis.
  5. Strong communication and teambuilding skills.
  6. Knowledge of accounting and budgeting principles and practices.
  7. Ability to make complex mathematical computations timely and accurately.
  8. Ability to perform and review project cost estimates.
  9. Basic knowledge of, and ability to use, various software, including accounting and payroll software and MIS.
Principal Duties
  1. Collect and interpret data and formulate reports to make financial and/or operational recommendations.
  2. Evaluate existing processes for weaknesses, inefficiencies or waste.
  3. Gain an intimate understanding of individual projects or processes in order to improve both creator and user experience.
  4. Perform or review independent cost estimates for both capital and operational projects for budget and/or procurement requirements.
  5. Identify new revenue sources.
  6. Assist in the implementation of management information system and related modules.
  7. Contract administration when assigned and appropriate.
  8. Maintain financial trending database including new revenues and cost avoidance items.
  9. Assist in policy development and related training.
  10. Perform all other related duties of the class, as required.
  11. Makes program and process recommendations based on data and trend analysis
  12. Assist in policy development and process improvements across the agency
  13. Analyzes customer service data, including applicant and resident interactions, and customer complaints to make recommendations for improving customer experiences.
  Training & Experience This position calls for technical and analytical candidates who have knowledge of accounting and auditing principles, cost estimating and data analysis. The candidate must have a four-year college degree, preferably in business, accounting, finance, public administration, or a closely related field.

Customer Relations/Data Management Specialist

JOB SUMMARY This is a highly responsible administrative position in which the incumbent is tasked with delivering the highest quality customer service, improving customer experiences, and utilizing data and housing information systems to make recommendations to facilitate programmatic improvement. The incumbent will rely on extensive knowledge of low-income housing programs and services to provide direction and accurate information to clients, applicants, community partners and coworkers. SUPERVISION RECEIVED The incumbent will receive direct supervision and strategy from the Executive Director and/or Assistant Executive Director, if designated. SUPERVISION GIVEN No supervision given.

  1. Maintains a positive, empathetic, and professional attitude towards customers at all times
  2.  Must possess exemplary phone demeanor and email etiquette
  3. Familiarity with and ability to navigate public housing information systems
  4. Familiarity with the duties and functions of property and facilities management teams
  5. Ability to identify problems, clarify solutions, and effectively follow-through to ensure problem resolution
  6. Knowledge of organizing data, generating reports, trend analysis, and confidence in presenting findings to a variety of audiences.
  7. Ability to write and issue clear, concise instructions
  8. Knowledge of HUD and DHCD regulations
  9. Knowledge of public housing programs and services
  10. Experience working with diverse and low-income populations
  11. Knowledge of effective training techniques and practices
  1. Responds promptly to customer inquiries from applicants, residents, and community stakeholders
  2. Responsible for responding tactfully to customer complaints, including documentation of complaints and remedial action
  3. Answers questions about housing programs and eligibility
  4. Connects customers to services available at the LHA and within the community
  5. Maintains contact forms and other digital customer service tools and explores new strategies for improving customer interactions
  6. Responsible for the implementation of new housing products and services
  7. Design and implement internal customer service training for employees
  8. Develop an intimate knowledge of projects and processes to improve customer experiences
  9. Responsible for coordinating housing information system upgrades and add-ons
  10. Produce a variety of reports from housing information system for operational analysis
  11. Makes program and process recommendations based on data and trend analysis
  12. Assist in policy development and process improvements across the agency
  13. Performs other duties of the class, as required
QUALIFICATIONS/EXPERIENCE This is a highly responsible position which requires a bachelor’s degree and experience in delivering affordable housing and/or community supportive services. Prior experience working with diverse low-income populations is required. Must possess a valid driver’s license and the willingness to travel occasionally between LHA properties. Spanish or Khmer speaking applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.  


Benefits are offered for full time 35 hour/week positions and include:

  • Defined pension plan
  • Health and dental coverage
  • Long-term disability
  • Flexible spending
  • Deferred compensation
  • Training certifications, conference participation, and tuition reimbursement