About LHA

The Lowell Housing Authority was founded in 1937 as a result of the Housing Act of 1937. The agency is the first public housing authority in Massachusetts and is now the states’ third largest. Since the organizations’ inception, the Authority has been tasked with providing “safe, decent, and sanitary housing” for low income residents of the community. Over the years, the agency adapted seamlessly to changes in legislation which provided greater flexibility in implementing affordable housing programs and services. The Lowell Housing Authority has become not just a housing provider, but rather, a full social service agency designed to provide stability and create opportunities for residents to achieve self-sufficiency. Our talented team helps to address critical policy issues of today, but also possesses the knowledge, and education to proactively adapt to the industry challenges of the future.

Our Mission

The Lowell Housing Authority team, working in partnership with other housing providers, local government, nonprofit organizations, provide quality housing and a variety of social service programs that assist residents in achieving their highest level of self-sufficiency.

Our Values


  • Acknowledge and appreciate the public and private support and the resources they entrust to our agency
  • Are conscious of our finite resources and thus are committed to programs and services that are efficient, economically viable, and sustainable
  • Encourage the professional development of our employees through staff training and financial assistance towards higher education
  • Strive for excellence and hold ourselves accountable as a consistent high-performer for the benefit of our clients and employees
  • Are committed to embracing the latest technology to improve agency processes, ensure resident safety, and encourage resident engagement.