Elevator Outage at 111 Hildreth Street

The Lowell Housing Authority has experienced an elevator failure at 111 Hildreth Street.  We have assembled a response team of resident service professionals that is actively working with our residents and property management team to put a service plan in place.  Our main concern and duty are for the safety and comfort of our residents.

We have met with our residents at this development to explain the situation, establish a forum for ongoing communication and to hear their specific needs and make accommodations.  After holding these meetings, we are proud of our residents for the cooperation and resiliency they have shown.  We are also having active conversations with our Fire Chief and Building Commissioner to ensure LHA is moving in the right direction to maintain a safe environment, and thank them for their time and support.

After meeting with our elevator professionals today, we have found a financially feasible solution that will materially reduce the time of outage.  We expect an initial repair timeline of 14 to 18 weeks.  This is a drastic improvement from initial replacement estimates of 40 to 45 weeks.  This is still a long inconvenience for our residents so our resident service plan will move forward.  For your information, please see the additional details below and the attached plan in which we we have detailed all aspects of the issue and our strategy for addressing this unfortunate setback.

We are receptive of any advice or feedback from our stakeholders and would appreciate speaking with you.  Residents or stakeholders with questions or concerns may contact Adam Garvey, Assistant Executive Director, at 978-364-5313  [email protected].  

Thank you to our residents for their cooperation, and patience during this challenging time.


This initial repair has a project timeline of 14 to 18 weeks

Services The following services will be provided to our residents.  This is a preliminary list and will likely expand as we continue to speak with our residents, housing providers and community partners.

  • Assistance delivering goods, packages and personal items to unit
  • Assistance with laundry delivery
  • Providing rest areas on each stair landing
  • Providing sitting and recreation areas on each floor of the building
  • Providing entertainment and activities during outage
  • Providing basic sundries to residents in need
  • Providing wheeled carts and totes
  • Assist in scheduling medical transports
  • Assisting with coordination of outside services
  • Providing access to and assisting with online ordering and delivery of food and household goods

Resident Safety:  We will be installing several safety related items during this outage.  We will have a heavy staff presence in this building to monitor activity and any difficulties that residents may encounter.  We have chairs and rest areas on each landing of our stairwells to allow residents a comfortable place to rest, if needed.  Mobile security cameras will be installed in each stairwell.

Communication Our executive and property management teams will be holding regular meetings with the residents of this building during the repair or replacement project.  These meetings will be used to inform our residents of progress and next steps.  More importantly, we will use these meetings to ensure our resident needs are being met and discover any new difficulties they may be having.

We will have postings around the buildings and in stairwells that will provide emergency and support staff contact information and other postings that inform residents of available services.

Support Staff:  The Lowell Housing Authority employs two (2) resident service coordinator positions.  These coordinators are being relocated to a desk in the lobby of 111 Hildreth to assist our residents.  Additionally, we are hiring up to six (6) additional, part-time positions to assist these coordinators with resident services.  After normal business hours, we will have a combination of facilities staff and resident assistants to assist residents.

Full Plan