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LYAP Award Recipients

The Lowell Youth Activities Program Inc.’s Philip L. Shea Scholarship Awards Program has been providing opportunities for high school seniors living in public housing for the last 25 years. Our program’s success, and the success of our students is only made possible through the generous support of the Lowell community. We understand and appreciate that there are many needs to be met during this challenging time, but we ask that you remember higher education in your giving priorities this year. A strong educational foundation is critical to the economic self-sufficiency of our young residents.

Given our need to adhere to social distancing guidance, we realize that holding a large event will not be possible this year, but we count on your support.

Help us continue to forge new memories for Lowell Housing Authority youth by giving today!

For questions or to donate, please contact [email protected], or make checks payable to Lowell Youth Activities Program Inc., P.O. Box 1103, Lowell, MA 01853.

Donations at the $200 level or greater will receive special recognition on our website and social media following the event.

Thank you for supporting Lowell Youth!

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Philip L. Shea

Philip L. Shea was a former resident of Lewis Street at North Common Village, the Lowell Housing Authority’s flagship property. He was educated in Lowell Public Schools, and holds a special distinction as the only Lowell elected official to have served in the Lowell City Council, the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and the Massachusetts State Senate. As a member of the House of Representatives Shea established a Housing Court, and as a Member of the Senate, sponsored legislation to help preserve State Parks in Massachusetts. At the pinnacle of his career, Shea served as Chief Financial Officer under Secretary William Galvin.

Throughout his career, Shea had been instrumental in developing federal, state and local partnerships with an emphasis on revitalizing the City of Lowell. He is widely recognized for his leadership and mentoring of young public servants in their pursuit of higher education, and professional development. For the last 25 years, Commissioner Shea has supported the Lowell Housing Authority’s nonprofit affiliate, the Lowell Youth Activities Program, Inc. Scholarship Awards, awarding upwards of $20,000 in scholarships annually to deserving low-income students living in Lowell.