Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a busy week of Thanksgiving preparation, but it was all worth it.

Kiss, our JobsPLUS Community Outreach Specialist, was hard at work distributing turkey baskets to families of the Lowell Housing Authority. We are so thankful for the Manolis Family Foundation and the Merrimack Valley Food Bank, Inc. for enabling us to help 90 families this Thanksgiving.

Thank you also to Carlos Cruz for helping us make some last minute deliveries.

As a Lowell Housing Authority family, we also have a lot to be thankful for. We polled the staff, and here’s what they had to say! 

Naida Gonzalez, Resident Services Coordinator, South Common Village—“As with every year that I am blessed with life, I am always very thankful to God for my children, my grand daughter and for all that I have. What I am newly thankful for, is my job, my work family and to Lowell Housing Authority for taking me in with open arms. It is not often that one can say they are happy to go to work every day and I have been truly blessed!”
Gary Wallace, Executive Director—” I am thankful for science, a good book and a happy home. “
Katie Sadlier, JobsPLUS Program Director—“I am thankful for health and stability through this crazy time of a global pandemic.”
Amy Dalton, Property Manager, North Common Village—“I am thankful for my family and friends who are with me in good times and bad. I am also thankful for me health.”
Rita Brousseau, Chief Procurement Officer—“I am thankful for another year to spend with my 83 year old mother. Having the matriarch of our family still with us to spend not only the holidays, but everyday with us is a blessing that I will forever be grateful for.”
Andrew Rocha, Executive Assistant—“I am always thankful for my family and friends, a good meal, and a cool pillow.”