LHA Chief Will Gracefully Retire

The agency is reporting that last Wednesday was the final Board meeting for Mary Ann Maciejewski, the Lowell Housing Authority’s Assistant Executive Director, who will be retiring at the end of the month.  Mary Ann held various roles within the agency during her 37-year career. She was the first Family Self-Sufficiency Director, and first woman Director of the Section 8 Program, before becoming the Chief Operating Officer of the agency in 2008. Executive Director, Gary Wallace touts the legacy of Mary Ann:

Mary Ann steered the agency, and exhibited strength particularly during agency challenges.   Mary Ann will be remembered as a compassionate listener, and strong leader who developed genuine relationships with our community partners. Noteworthy, Mary Ann created the first published HUD guidebook for using force account labor, which is used as a model by other Housing Authorities.  Mary Ann has been an instrument of change within the agency, helping to develop new processes, and the LHA is much stronger because of her leadership.  Mary Ann will be missed by staff, community partners, and residents alike, but I will miss her the most. On behalf of the Board of Commissioners and staff, we wish Mary Ann a happy retirement.

Mary Ann will remain with the agency for one day a week in a consulting role to assist the agency with the 5-Year Plan, the demolition and disposition of scattered sites, and will serve as the LHA’s liaison for the Working Cities Initiative.

Succeeding Mary Ann, is Chief Financial Officer, Adam J. Garvey.  Adam has been with the Housing Authority since 2008. Prior to joining the agency, Adam provided financial consulting services to numerous public housing authorities throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Adam currently directs and oversees all functions of the Finance and Procurement Department to promote and ensure the financial health of the Authority. Adam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business Administration and a Masters of Public Administration from Suffolk University. During his tenure as CFO, Adam has been a catalyst for change. He has been instrumental in maintaining the agency’s HUD High-Performer status since his hire. Adam re-organized the finance department through prudent hiring and improvements to allow for more effective and efficient financial processes, stronger internal controls and compliance.  His team has offset large subsidy reductions through the implementation of a solar net metering contract, which is projected to generate new revenue of over $20M during the 20-year contract term. Wallace has full faith in Adam taking the reins:

This the perfect time for Adam to assume this role.  The agency is moving to a collaborative approach to leadership, which will emphasize a collective approach to solving the affordable housing challenges of the future, through data-driven decision-making, performance measurement, and increased accountability.  Adam has taken the lead, and carefully executed a number of projects that helped the agency realize savings. He has created a safety net to ensure the agency can protect the sustainability of our existing housing programs and services, and offers the LHA the flexibility to invest in new projects, which once were not possible. Through his leadership, Adam has earned the respect of staff and is deserving of this position.

Sherry Giblin, Chief Accountant and Rachel Spero, Research Analyst, will also receive promotions during the transition. Sherry will assume the role of Chief Financial Officer a Rachel Spero will take over as Chief Accountant. Sherry holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.  Sherry Giblin joined the agency as a staff accountant in 2014 with thirteen years of audit, tax and accounting experience from a Lowell based CPA firm.  Her commitment, accuracy and attention to detail earned her a promotion to Chief Accountant in 2016.

Rachel has been with the Housing Authority since 2017, as the Authority’s Research Analyst.  Prior to joining the Authority, Rachel has held various roles in state and nonprofit administration, with experience in fundraising, grant writing, financial analysis and compliance.  Rachel holds a BA in Public Policy and Business from Bentley University and an MPA from Northeastern University.  Rachel has assumed a diverse role with the Authority, and works closely with our Finance and Capital Planning departments to address inefficiencies, coordinate new projects, conduct financial analysis and provide grant research.