LHA Inspector Runs Boston Marathon

In 2018, Sam Talbot, LHA’s UPCS Inspector, qualified to run the Boston Marathon and did just that this past April. Don’t know Sam? Sam has been an avid runner since 1997, and is a strong endurance athlete. Beyond running, Sam is an active cyclist and swimmer, and has competed in several Ironman Triathalons.

This was Sam’s second time running the Boston Marathon. Sam ran the Boston Marathon in 2012, completing the Marathon in 4 hours and 2 minutes.  This past year, he ran the marathon in 3 hours 18 minutes.  Sam placed 744 in his age category and was 6173 overall with approximately 30,000 runners. Sam qualified to run the Boston Marathon again in 2020.

Sam sets personal goals for each race, hoping to beat his time by 37 seconds, with the ultimate goal of running the Boston Marathon in 3 hours, and to run a marathon in every state. Sam has currently participated in marathons in both Massachusetts and New York. Congratulations Sam!