LHA Opens Historical Exhibit

The Lowell Housing Authority reached the pinnacle of a year long project to design a historical exhibit to honor residents and staff last night with the unveiling of the project to our friends. This extensive design project (which is still ongoing), was constructed to tell the stories of residents and staff who have called LHA home, and to highlight the agency’s programs and services that make us who we are.

The event began with introductory remarks by Gary Wallace, the Housing Authority’s Executive Director in which he stressed the significance of this project in redefining who we are as an agency, and his hopes to continue to build upon the project as a community.

Following opening remarks, a video documentary was shown to hear the stories of employees, and most importantly, the residents who have called LHA home throughout the years. Their stories while all unique conveyed a sense of community, the agency seeks to build through its programs and services to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to reach their highest level of self-sufficiency.

Thank you to all the residents, employees, and community partners who joined us for the celebration. A special thanks to Tory Wesnofske of Tory Wesnofske Photography for producing our inspiring resident video.

Check out a brief teaser below. To view the full video please check us out on YouTube.


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