LHA To Construct Historical Exhibit at the Mercier Center

NCV historical

In 2017, the LHA established a goal to rebrand the agency to address the unfortunate stigma that is often associated with living in affordable housing.  To further this goal, the LHA began the process of renaming its developments to make the properties more relevant and to instill a deeper connection between residents and the community. The agency has begun the process of installing new signs at each of the developments, which is anticipated to be completed by the beginning of summer.

The Lowell Housing Authority is sensitive to, and grateful for the many contributions of the influential community figures, who through their leadership have ushered the Authority to where we are today. The legacies of building dedicatees will continue to be honored respectfully with an interior portrait and biography for each notable LHA historical figure. This feature will be just one component of a comprehensive historical exhibit envisioned for the Mercier Center.  The full exhibit will chronicle life at Lowell Housing Authority, our programs and services throughout the decades, and most importantly capture the unique vignettes of the residents, who over the years have called LHA home.

The Lowell Housing Authority is seeking stories from residents who have lived, or currently live in housing.  This is our story.  Let us tell yours. To learn more or contribute to this project, contact Gary Wallace, Executive Director, [email protected] or call 978-364-5311.