Lowell Police to Open New Precinct at South Common Village

Acting Lowell Police Superintendent Barry Golner and Lowell Housing Authority Executive Director Tha Chhan are pleased to report that the Lowell Police Department is opening a new precinct on Gorham Street in downtown Lowell’s Jackson/Appleton/Middlesex area in partnership with the Lowell Housing Authority.

Thanks to the generosity of the Lowell Housing Authority, the new precinct will be located at 145 Gorham St., in the Lowell Housing Authority’s South Common Village property.

“On behalf of the Mayor and City Council, we are glad to see the establishment of this new precinct, and look forward to strengthening community bonds in the neighborhood,” said City Manager Thomas A. Golden, Jr.

The Lowell Housing Authority also funds a full-time police officer who is assigned to patrol Lowell Housing Authority property, and two former Housing officers helped the partnership between LHA and LPD take off.

Former housing officer, and now sergeant, Rafael Rivera, and Officer Jacqueline Mercado were the impetus for this new precinct. This initiative was then guided by Dennis Mercier, Property Manager of South Common Village, who has had a positive working relationship with the LPD for years, and who has always been highly responsive to safety concerns held by residents.

The precinct will be located on the first floor, in an area that has long been a hot spot for disorder crimes such as prostitution and drug offenses. The partnership between LPD and LHA was cultivated to reduce drug and other criminal activity in the neighborhood, unauthorized entry into LHA property and to provide peace of mind to the over 400 residents who call South Common Village home.


Lowell Police Department To Open New Precinct in Partnership with Lowell Housing Authority – Lowell Police Department