QSP 2020-22 Moving Services for K&B, Phase V

Response Due: May 20, 2020
RFP Closing Date: May 20, 2020

There are ten apartments receiving kitchen and bath renovations in this work phase at the Highland Parkway Development (HPD), 580 Chelmsford Street, Lowell, MA 01951. It is anticipated that of these, up to nine (9) units will require moving services within the development to and from temporary “hotel units” in the development.

We reserve the right to adjust the unit count and number of moves depending on need and logistics, including the potential for (1) one-way moves to new permanent addresses at the development or to another LHA property in Lowell. We anticipate one such move at this time. LHA owns “Hotel Unit” furniture and supplies to be moved from the LHA Central Warehouse (39 Quimby Ave., located next-door) to the hotel units at the Highland Parkway Development at the beginning of the project and moved back to the warehouse at the end of the project.