QSP 2021-17 South Common Village Masonry Signs

Response Due: October 6, 2021
RFP Closing Date: October 6, 2021

Pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 30, §39M the Lowell Housing Authority seeks
Quotes from qualified contractors interested in providing labor, material, equipment, transportation and supervision necessary for the furnishing and installation of four signs at LHA’s South Common Village.

The main office of the development is located at 198 South Street, Lowell, MA. The signs will be held by existing masonry structures requiring vendor to verify exact size of each existing masonry structure in the field prior to approved design and production. All signs are to be made in the similar fashion as existing box style sign located at the corner of Market and Dummer Street in North Common Village of Lowell, MA. Photographs have been provided. LHA strongly recommends all potential bidders visit the existing sign, seeing it firsthand. Fasteners are to be “blind” just as they are on the existing sign, meaning, hidden within the sign structure, unable to be see.