QSP 2022-1A, Radon Design and Construction

Response Due: February 4, 2022
RFP Closing Date: February 4, 2022

The Lowell Housing Authority (the Authority) is seeking proposals for Design and Construction Administration Services by licensed professionals with NRSB certification in RMS-MF 2018 Radon Mitigation Standards for Multifamily Buildings (with 12/20 revisions or most current). Qualified professional is to provide mitigation recommendations, plans,
specifications, and resulting design services, including cost estimating, construction documents, permitting, project oversite and construction administration services to project completion. Assistance with contractor questions, requests for information that may arise
during the procurement, and construction processes is also required. All project work must comply with current U.S. EPA regulations as applicable and ANSI/AARST Standards on Radon, see https://standards.aarst.org/ The desired end-result and goal of the project design shall be to mitigate existing radon levels to below 1.0 pCi/L.

There is an addendum to this bid. Please see the addendum below.

Addendum #1