RFP 2021-7, Affordable and Public Housing Consultant

Response Due: January 20, 2022
RFP Closing Date: January 20, 2022

The Lowell Housing Authority (LHA) is seeing proposals from qualified organizations to provide consulting services in a variety of areas within affordable and public housing. Some areas of consulting services include, without limitation:

• Affordable and Public Housing planning and development;
• Strategic Planning1
• Application for and successful implementation of HUD replacement housing
factor funding (RHF) and other grants;
• Finance tool experience and expertise, such as capital fund program
planning, private market tax credit incentive options, community loan
programs and other real estate financing options;
• Real property appraisal, acquisitions, including eminent domain takings,
demolition and disposition, application development process and
• Organizational and operational reviews;
• Increase inventory of fully accessible units in compliance with federal and
state requirements;
• Residential leasing;
• Fair housing;
• Tenants’ rights: prohibitions to discrimination under Section 504, the ADA,
and U.S. Housing Act as amended;
• HUD Moving to work;
• HUD annual plan;