RFP 2022-2 Employment & Income Verification Services

Response Due: July 6, 2022
RFP Closing Date: July 6, 2022


Employment and income verifications services are required by the housing authority for programs and services offered for leased and public housing applicants as identified in the Description of Required Services. It is important to ensure that a verification company has the resources, experience and data to be able to perform the services described within this RFP. Therefore, an RFP process with a fair and reasonable fee based and fixed fee structure will be applied under Massachusetts General Laws (M.G.L.), chapter 30B, section 6 and the U.S. HUD Regulations of Title 2, Subtitle A, Chapter II, Part 200, Subpart D (2 CFR 200.317,“Procurement Standards”).

There is an addendum to this bid. Please see the attached addendum below.