A Nostalgic Walk Along North Common

Barbara Bond, resident of North Common Village from 1944-1948, took a tour of her childhood home yesterday. Barbara spent the morning walking the common, sharing stories, and pointing out defining features, including the smoke stack and boiler room, which always fascinated her and her siblings as children. She was also able to visit the very apartment she lived in, sitting on the window sill where she used to look out to the street. The apartment is currently being prepared for a new resident, but yesterday it was the perfect place to reminisce.

Barbara was interviewed during her visit for a visual historical exhibit to be showcased at the Mercier Center at a future date. The visual exhibit will be an LHA video featuring the stories of residents throughout the decades to build a deeper connection between our past and present. The exhibit will be accompanied by a history of the LHA throughout the years, LHA artifacts, and noteworthy biographies.  A soft public unveiling is anticipated for this ongoing, living history sometime this spring.

Thank you Barbara for sharing your story!

Are you a former resident of Lowell Housing Authority interested in telling your story?  Contact Andrew Rocha, at [email protected] or call 978-364-5311.