Am I Eligible for Low-Income Housing?
Anyone can apply!
Where Do I Go to Apply?
We accept applications at the Office of Public Housing located at 21 Salem Street, Lowell, MA, Monday-Friday 9:00-2:00 or by appointment.
What Are Preferences?
Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) are permitted to establish local preferences, and to give priority to serving families which meet certain criteria. HUD specifically authorizes and places restrictions on certain types of local preferences. HUD also permits the PHA to establish other local preferences, at its discretion.

The need for public housing in Lowell exceeds the availability of funds for this purpose and a housing unit is a scarce resource which is in great demand. Housing is made available to those most in need and is consistent with the priorities of the Lowell Housing Authority through the local preferences described below:

Involuntarily displaced from a dwelling unit in the municipality of Lowell by natural disaster, by fire or by government action.
Working head of household or working spouse (who has averaged 20 hours of work a week for at least six months), or a person 62 years old or older or a person unable to work because of the extent of their disability.
A legal resident of Lowell or a person working in Lowell an average of 20 hours a week or more or a person with a job offer to work in Lowell with a minimum of 20 hours a week of work.
A veteran as verified by the Department of Veteran Affairs or an individual who has served in any branch of the military and remains in active status
Households which contribute to meeting household goals (broad range of incomes)
Households which contribute to meeting income requirements (targeting)
Residents required to move because of capital improvements.
Residents of Julian Steele Apartments

Your preferences will be determined during the application process.

What Can I Expect After I Apply?
Upon the successful submission of a preliminary application, a confirmation number will be issued. Following this, an Entity I.D. number will be assigned to the family. This Entity I.D. number will then be utilized to make changes to or check the status of the pre-application. Pre-applications are available in English and Spanish.

All applications must be completed in order to be accepted by the LHA for processing. If an application is incomplete, the LHA will notify the family of the additional information required. Special accommodations will be made for persons with disabilities.

How Much Will I Be Expected to Pay for Rent?
At admission an applicant is able to make a choice between an income-based rent or a flat rent. An income-based rent is based on the family’s adjusted income minus any applicable utility allowance for tenant paid utilities. A flat rent is in a schedule developed by the LHA and does not include any utility reimbursement. It must be at least the minimum rent of $50 established by the LHA. Please note that flat-rent payment structures are not available for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher residents.

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