LHA Awarded $5,000 Grant for New Program

The LHA is pleased to report the agency has been recently awarded a $5,000 grant from the Greater Lowell Community Foundation to provide technology support services to residents of the agency’s elderly properties. The program entitled Tech Savvy Seniors has been designed to bridge the digital divide among the LHA’s elderly population, by facilitating peer-to-peer learning, conducting more effective print and digital outreach, and increasing engagement through interactive on-site technology seminars.

Pioneered by Mr. Brian Sparrow, resident and Technology Advisor for the LHA’s City View Towers, the impetus for the concept began with LHA Tech Talk, a video tutorial series published to assist residents with their technology needs. These brief technology lessons feature instruction on navigating smartphones, including understanding storage, device management, and utilizing phone applications for convenient everyday use. Mr. Sparrow writes the video scripts and collaborates with the LHA in recording and publishing the tutorials across social platforms. The videos have become the second most viewed content across social platforms.

The LHA attributes the success of the TechTalk initiative to the peer-to-peer model for service delivery. The model helps to establish trust between Mr. Sparrow and residents through shared experiences, providing a reliable source of information that is delivered in an approachable, accessible manner. Peer-to-peer service delivery provides a unique approach to technology support and the opportunity to reach additional residents who may be reluctant to engage with programs implemented exclusively by LHA leadership.

The Tech Savvy Seniors Program will help the LHA build upon the success of TechTalk to diversify and expand services for elderly residents. Thank you to the Greater Lowell Community Foundation for your belief and support of Tech Savvy Seniors. This grant will help ensure that while the agency embraces new technology to improve processes, our elderly residents will not be left behind. Thank you also to Mr. Sparrow, who through his efforts have allowed us to provide quality technology support services for our residents. The LHA looks forward to continuing to work with Mr. Sparrow to drive technological change, increase technological aptitudes, and foster a deeper commitment to resident engagement.

Thank you to Chief Executive Assistant/Communications Director, Andrew Rocha, FSS Director Michelle Dinan, and Brian Sparrow for their collective vision in securing and implementing this creative program.