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Section 8


Division Leasing Group Picture

The Leased Housing Division administers the Authority’s federal Section 8 Division of Leased Housing Program, as well as a number of other rental assistance programs. It subsidizes thousands of eligible families in privately owned apartments, providing an alternative to the Authority’s conventional public housing. Our staff consists of administrative aides, housing technicians, who provide support for leased housing programs, support service access, voucher portability. For more information about how we may be of assistance, please visit our program page before applying. For additional questions please contact the Division of Leased Housing Office at 978-364-5350.


Tha Chhan

Name: Tha Chhan

Designation: Chief Admissions Officer

Phone: 978-364-5353

Fax: 978-453-6432

Email: [email protected]

Mark Briere

Name: Mark Briere

Division: Property Management

Designation: State Property Manager

Phone: 978-364-5334

Fax: 866-471-8623

Email: [email protected]

Kathy Fineburg

Name: Kathy Fineberg

Division: Division of Leased Housing

Designation: Administrative Aid

Phone: 978-364-5355

Fax: 978-453-6432

Email: [email protected]

Ken Khirv

Name: Ken Khirv

Division: Division of Leased Housing

Designation: Leased Housing Program Coordinator

Phone: 978-364-5350

Fax: 978-453-6432

Email: [email protected]

Melissa Sinuon

Name: Melissa Sinuon

Division: Division of Leased Housing

Designation: Housing Technician

Phone: 978-364-5302

Fax: 978-453-6432

Email: [email protected]