We’ve Hit Our Target Once Again!

We are pleased to announce the Lowell Housing Authority has received “High Performer Status” for the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS). The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) utilizes these assessment tools to monitor our agency’s performance and program compliance across several indicators.  This includes an evaluation of the physical conditions of our properties, and financial and executive management practices of the agency.

This year’s PHAS score was 93/100. Noteworthy in this year’s report is 100% score of 25/25 points for agency management and a 2-point increase in our financial score. This is a 3-point total increase from last year’s score of 90/100. These scores are a testament to the concerted efforts of the LHA’s executive and property management teams.

Thank you to Sherry Giblin, Chief Financial Officer, Sam Talbot, UPCS Inspector, Brian Moriarty, Superintendent of Facilities, Adam Garvey, Assistant Executive Director, former Assistant Executive Director, Mary Ann Maciejewski, and our property management teams, who ensure our properties are well-maintained and our resources are utilized wisely to provide the greatest benefit for our residents.  Thank you also to our Board of Commissioners and our residents who support the work of our agency each and every day.

Achieving high-performer status provides us with additional grant opportunities, as well as an increase in capital funds. We look forward to improving upon this year’s score and embracing the challenges to come.

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