Working Groups Kickoff, Driving Agency Forward

The Lowell Housing Authority’s retreat inspired the agency to develop a series of working teams to address the Authority’s critical issues.  The LHA created a team dedicated to tackling vacant unit turnovers. A brainchild from the agency’s retreat last fall, this new team will be tasked with turning over vacant units with greater efficiency, through more effective communication, inventory management, and more focused work. This team of specialists is comprised of Mechanics, Technicians, and Custodians who will be responsible for improving turnover performance. While the vacancy team is still crunching numbers, it is anticipated that this team will significantly improve our vacancy turnover process, making units move-in ready faster and saving the agency money through more prudent purchasing. Thank you to John Greenwood, Brian Barter, Kenneth Fleming, Joseph Sullivan, Brian Moriarty, and Brian Dean for driving this initiative, and keep up the good work!

The LHA also developed a sign subcommittee last month. This new group was formed to address the inconsistency of signs across developments. The sign group is in the process of conducting a sign audit at each property to determine the appropriate number, size, and design for sign placement.  The ultimate goal of the subcommittee is to improve communication with residents, replace aging signs with those that reflect the agency’s new brand, and to create a clean consistent look across LHA properties.

As new projects arise, the LHA will assemble additional teams to manage projects and drive agency performance. Some project areas include improving work processes, developing resident services, implementing digital technology, and fostering more robust resident and community engagement strategies.  We look forward to bringing you the latest news about our progress in the coming months.

Check out our turnover team’s latest work below.