IFB 2023-3 On-Call Elevator Services

Response Due: March 31, 2023
RFP Closing Date: March 31, 2023

The Lowell Housing Authority and the Board of Commissioners, the Awarding Authority, invite sealed bids from General Contractors for On-Call Elevator Services for the Lowell Housing Authority in Lowell, Massachusetts, in accordance with the IFB documents.

The Project consists of monthly maintenance of all elevators, statutorily required inspections and repairs on an as needed basis.

The work is estimated to cost approximately $134,000 per year.

A one-year contract shall be awarded pursuant to the provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 149, to the responsive and responsible bidder offering the lowest price. The Lowell Housing Authority reserves its sole option to renew the contract for two additional one-year contract periods.

These specifications are in anticipation of funding. All contracts are voided if funds are not available.

Bids are subject to M.G.L. c.149 and to minimum wage rates as required by M.G.L. c.149 ยงยง26 to 27H inclusive, Davis Bacon Wage Determination for Residential Construction, MA4, 40 U.S.C. 276, 29 C.F.R. 1.

General Bids will be received until 11:00 AM, March 31, 2023 and publicly opened, forthwith.

There is an addenda to this bid. Please see the addenda below.

Addendum #1

Addendum #2