Response Due: February 18, 2021
RFP Closing Date: February 18, 2021

The work under the Contract consists of: i. Stripping and preparing surface and subsurface material for new plantings and trees. ii. Plantings and trees shall be installed per the plans. iii. Contractor shall mark out all plant bed and tree locations prior to earthmoving demolition for approval by Owner. iv. There is ongoing site construction on the subject property. The contractor is encouraged to visit the site to review current conditions. v. Plans may not show all new scope of work currently being performed on the Site. vi. Contractor shall coordinate work with current Site Improvements Contractor in areas of shared scope. vii. Contractor shall be cautious that all utilities may not appear on the plans. Utilities may be installed at shallow elevations. viii. Contractor shall install LESCO Double Eagle Seed Blend or as approved by Owner. ix. Contractor shall submit plant list submittals for all plantings. x. Contractor shall be responsible for watering all plantings, trees, lawn. xi. Lawn shall be established prior to project closeout. xii. Contractor shall own all planting and trees for one year. See plans for additional information. xiii. Contractor shall weed and maintain all plant beds for one year. xiv. Contractor shall coordinate all maintenance to new landscape plantings with the Owner. xv. Contractor shall coordinate stored materials on site with Owner. xvi. Contractor shall protect all areas of work. Provide temporary fencing, as needed. xvii. Regrade area of work, as needed. All stormwater runoff shall be directed to catch basins. xviii. Reset granite cobble blocks around edge of landscape area behind 198 South Street. xix. Coordinate plantings around granite memorial, as needed, behind 198 South Street. xx. Install 2’x3’ bluestone step stones, flush with graded, at flag pole. xxi. Trip and fall hazards shall be reviewed daily and corrected prior to leaving the Site for the day. xxii. All open excavation areas shall closed daily. xxiii. Work shall be performed “in the dry”. xxiv. Protect work along slopes from washing out. xxv. Remove all construction debris daily. xxvi. Keep Site clean and safe site at all times. xxvii. Use fencing or other safety control measures to protect areas under construction at all times. xxviii. Utilities may be shallow. Contractor is encouraged to use caution and hand dig, as needed. xxix. Contractor shall be responsible to locating all underground utilities. Any damage to utilities shall be corrected by the contractor at no additional cost to the owner. xxx. Install erosion control measures; silt sacks in catch basins near area of work. xxxi. Use caution around existing utilities. Utilities are taken from record plans. Contractor shall verify in field. Use caution, utilities may be installed at shallow elevations. xxxii. Minor site grading may be needed. xxxiii. Remove silt sacks and clean catch basin sumps following construction. xxxiv. Loam and seed all disturbed and bare areas within limits of work. xxxv. Prevent ponding in lawn areas. xxxvi. Exposed areas shall be secure at the end of each day. xxxvii. Eliminate trip hazards during construction. Maintain safe environment for residents. xxxviii. Caution shall be taken around all existing vegetation and site furnishings. xxxix. All Work either shown on the drawings or included in the specifications unless specifically indicated as not to be done. xl. All work shall comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

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